Any AX10 owners help, please


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Can you help on;
1.Do I need multi channel connectors as well as optical to work SACD and DVD-Audio on the amp properly.
On dvd-a only DP2 comes on the display and SACD doesnt use surround.
2. The previous question on the forum should I buy a coaxal lead for better sound because it is in the dvd connection, while the optical doesnt.

Any help on this will be much appreciated,


Phil Hinton

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For your safety and security I would remove your phone number from your thread by editing your post. If anyone wants to help then PM your phone number to them, this is usually safer. There are all types of software these days that can get your address from such info, and obviously there are some idiots that will just ring you for a laugh, at 3am in the morning.

Sorry i can'y answer any of your questions.


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You need to connect the dvd player via 3 pairs of RCA phono (analogue) cables, take them from the dvd player and connect them to the 5.1 External Decoder Inputs of the amp. DVD Audio & SACD are only output from the player via analogue, not digital.

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