Any android phones with normal slide out Phone keypad ?


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Trying to drag the wife into the 21st century but she will not use a touchscreen only nor use a qwerty keypad , as she prefers to use normal phone keypad for texting :(
Are there any android phones around with a slide out phone keypad (not qwerty). The only ones I could find were lumigon but they don't seem to have ever made it out into the wild



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I believe all if not most of them have qwerty keyboards (touch screen or physical).

Maybe if all she wants is to text and have a non-qwerty keypad, you should reconsider if she needs an Android smartphone.


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Some touch screen phones have the option to switch to a regular keypad, alternatively you can download regular keypad apps from the Android marketplace.


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David DG's suggestion seems the most sensible compromise. There are many touchscreen keyboards that are in the style and layout of the traditional 'T9' candybar mobile keypad.

I can't think of any Android device that has a physical one though. Must it be Android? Would Symbian not be a possibility, as Nokia might have something suitable that has smartphone-like features in a traditional shell.

Now might be a good time to suggest if she wants a smartphone, she'll need to learn to love QWERTY or touchscreen keyboards at some stage...
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