Any advice Yam, Den, Pion Mara ?


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I've bought some Acoustic energy aegis evo 3b speakers now i need an amp i've got a list of Marantz sr 5400ose, Denon avr 1804/2803, Pioneer vsx-D912/812 and yamaha dspax 640se prices from £271- £449 is it worth paying the extra from the yam to the denon and whay ever is in between are there any obvious +'s. will i be able to get the same sort of music play back quality than my arcam amp.


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If you have an arcam stereo amp then no chance will the stereo performance be up to it.

As to if it is worth it you will have to make that judgement by demoing them . The denon is highly rated on here, more than the yammy and it has 7 channels. It is also getting cheaper by the month:D

You wil be better of using thre av amp as a pre amp for the arcam in stereo or use a switching box (braces for the flames) to keep the arcam for stereo duties.

If you budget can stretch then also have a look at the Marantz 7400. good review on here and loads of happy owners.

The main advice is DEMO,DEMO,DEMO!!


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Hi Vectra

I've bought a Denon AVR1804 amp and AE Aegis 3B speakers 4 months ago and the performance is superb for movies - loads of detail, excellent dialogue clarity and plenty of power in my medium sized living room. For music it sounds pretty good to me but I would think probably not up to the Arcam quality.


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audition the amps, i would choose the pioneer vsx 912 the denon lacks features and also a 5.1 preout which may not sound essential but it is if you go all the way to a 14.1 speaker system like me...

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