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Any advice on upgrade from Project Debut Turntable


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Very much depends on your budget,and what you're going to partner it with.

The next steps up would probably fall into higher models in the Project range,as well as Rega,and Michell,plus used Linn LP12s and similar.

Give us all an idea of budget,and there should be plenty of advice.


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Project RPM 4 and Rega Planar 3 would fit in just about,and definitely so if you'd accept used/ex-dem,which would leave you some room for a decent cartridge to match.

Otherwise,there arent too many other competitors of good quality at the price.


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bogbloke said:
would i notice a difference in quality of sound if I upgrade?

How much would I get for me project debut?

Being honest,it's all relative to the costs involved,with a few exceptions....yes,you should notice an improvement,but not as much as by doubling the budget etc.

What I'd advise is finding a friendly dealer who can loan you something like a Planar 3 and trying it for a few days to see how it sounds in your system.

You may find a bigger initial improvement by going to a different cartridge,depending on what you currently have,and which amp/phono stage you use.


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You'd definitely notice an improvement by changing this.....if you have a phono input suitable for a moving coil,you could try the Sumiko Blue Point or perhaps a Denon DL103,and the Denon DL160 or DL 110 high output MCs may also be worth a look and if not,some of the better Goldring and Ortofon MM cartridges,plus Grados are worth looking at as well.

The high ouput MC's mentioned should work with your existing phono stage,as long as the input sensitivity is adequate.


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According to Marantz's website,and also the manual for the amp(which you may have),the phono input on this is suitable for MM cartridges,and is said to have an input sensitivity of 2.5mV.

The Denon and Ortofon MC3 will just about make that,but a good MM cartridge such as a Goldring 1042 or Ortofon 540 may match better.

All of the low-medium output Mc's would require a phono preamp.

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