Any 26" with 7th gen SPVA panel?


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I've pretty much decided on a 26" LCD for my bedroom because I don't have much space or money, but am concerned with what I've read on this forum about the latest Samsung and Sony 26" sets using the same panel as their previous generation models (PVA vs SPVA, as the new process only cuts glass to 32, 40 and 46 inches).

I'm obviously looking to get the most recent tech possible for my investment, so does anyone know if other manufacturer uses a more up to date panel for their 26" model? Had a look at Toshiba, but they don't even seem to do a WLT66 in 26"! Any further info on this subject would be greatly appreciated!


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andrewfee said:
S-PVA is a proprietary Samsung technology, and I believe it's only used in Sony / Samsung LCDs, so it's not available below 32"

Ah, that makes sense, thanks.

I'm really just wondering if any manufacturers are making 26" screens with their latest panel tech, S-PVA or not, as I'd imagine a current gen panel would be superior to a 2005 gen panel from Sony or Samsung. Maybe I should just stump up the extra £200 and go for a 32 incher, but that really is a little too large for me!

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