Any 2022 Frame Users Out There Yet?


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So I just got myself a brand new 75" 2022 Samsung Frame TV along with a Sonos ARC thinking I had just set myself up with audio visual bliss, but instead I've spent the last week troubleshooting it to no end. I'm hoping that someone here has similar experience and/or recognizes these symptoms. Certainly googling around shows similar problems, but no clear solution. I'm by no means an AV expert, but I've built computer networks for 15+ years so generally know what I'm doing when it comes to this type of stuff. TV is on latest firmware.

List of issues:
1) I try and hardwire over using Wifi whenever I can as a general rule, and that's where I started with this TV. I have a commercial grade switch at home, and no matter what I tried, the One Connect would lose link at least once a day, after either being in art mode for hours, or turned off. The switch would say the port was up but the OneConnect box would say no link. When this happens, the menu system is practically unusable from lag and frequently "reboots". The only way to restore functionality is to pull the plug on the OneConnect box, then the problem repeats itself a day later. I also tried with a dumb Netgear switch and same behavior.

2) So I tried Wifi next, on a dedicated 5ghz SSID locked to only a single access point. Similar to #1, after extended periods of art mode or turning the TV off, one just gets lag and crashes and there's no way to "escape" art mode. It just reboots/crashes back to art mode endlessly, and if you try and bring up the "media" menu you might see it for a second before it crashes back to art mode. In this case, unlike the hardwire, the AP sees the TV as connected, but I can say that based on "connected time", it disconnects from wifi after a certain period of time when idle, then reconnects, but does not work properly until a reboot

3) When the TV gets into this lag/crash mode, the E-ARC to my Sonos bar stops working. It also seems to randomly try auto switching to different inputs, including inputs where I've disconnected devices.

I know my home network is rock solid so it's not that. If it was Samsung's obviously crappy network implementation I would expect a lot more complaints online. Same if it was an actual software/firmware issue. If it was a oneconnect cable issue I would expect screen/sound artifacts, and though it does have problems turning on, it only happens after extended idle/off time. While I am using the TV itself, it works flawlessly until the next period of idle/off time. The only possible culprit I can point to is the OneConnect box. Samsung was entirely useless and just wants to send a tech out, which sounds like a total waste of time considering it will work perfectly fine after a hard power off/on and this feels like more of a software/firmware issue. Oh, and they want me to unmount the TV...

So far I've tried:
- High quality HDMI cables throughout
-Turning off all "power saving" type stuff on the TV
-Resetting the network settings on the TV
- Giving the TV a fixed IP address
-Removing all attached devices (Roku, PS4) except the Sonos

Things I haven't yet tried but will do so soon:
  • Disconnecting the Sonos. I've read about E-arc issues with Sonos and Samsung, though I haven't experienced them except when the TV goes into "lag and crash" mode.
  • Turning off Anynet+
  • Turning off "Instant on" (which I've read about). I have a $10 samsung "service remote" on order from Amazon to try this out.

So, any Frame users out there Living the Struggle?


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I am living the struggle. See my other post on the topic. It is a terrible TV. Wish I had never purchased it and eventually it will get binned for an LG OLED with a flush wall mount (mine is up in the hall only for art).


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I am living the struggle. See my other post on the topic. It is a terrible TV. Wish I had never purchased it and eventually it will get binned for an LG OLED with a flush wall mount (mine is up in the hall only for art).

I've basically pinpointed the problem to anything that puts the TV into an "idle" state, which is art mode motion sensor primarily, as well as simply turning off the TV. If I disable motion detection, turn off all power saving, and don't turn off my TV, it keeps working. But the moment I enable motion detection and it goes to sleep, or I turn off the TV, the problems happen. Either it won't turn on, or it turns on with E-arc disabled and all sorts of lag.

As for your smartthings photo issue, I also had a lot of issues and got it working, so perhaps I can help.. Some "gotchas"

1) Make sure the smartthings app on your phone has access to location services
2) make sure you are signed into your Samsung account both in the TV and in the app
3) make sure you are uploading jpg's, and not HEIC photos
4) Besides ensuring both the phone and TV are on the same SSID network, make sure you don't have anything turned off on your router like "multicast/broadcast" or "universal plug and play"

Also, if you're desperate, you can use the USB port on the One Connect box to insert a thumbdrive with photos. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

Oh, and did I mention this TV has horrible "dirty screen effect"?

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