Any 1280x720 or genuine HD res 42/43" plasmas on the horizon


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Want to buy a 42/43" plasma.
Want HD Ready
Would prefer a proper HD resolution like 1280x720, rather than a 1024x768 compromise

Anything on the horizon?
I am happy to wait till Sky HD launches in the new year.


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The way I see it, is that if you got a source that is higher than the display's resolution (Sky HD 1280*720 - 42" 1024*768), it will fill the entire screen at its native res (less a few on the vertical I know - hardly anything to worry about) therefore it should look the best it can anyway, so why worry? :D


That's not quite right, but never mind. Main reason not to worry about HD native, is how long will it be native for? HD-DVD and Blu-ray are both talking about 1080, and some sky broadcasts will be 1080 too, apparently. So, next question, is there a way of having 2 native resolutions? :D

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