any 1 here shrink there games to fit on memory stick ?


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Hi from doing some reading a round I have seen some tools like UMD shrink which is ment to shrink iso games down to size so you can fit more on ya memory stick (name of tool says it all really)

any 1 out there used this tool B4 or other tools and can let me no how small they have shrunk certain games. ?

or other methods you use to shrink games ?


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It only shrinks certain games, Untold Legends, Twisted Metal etc. By getting rid of the dummy file.


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I extract my isos with isobuster ( then delete files i dont need, like eboot.bin, update folder. Thats usually it, occasionally i'll delete movies like intros (replace them with 0k file of same name), if theres a pad file (usually not) delete that aswell. Then rebuild the iso with vcdromx... ( by dragging the psp_game folder and umd_data.bin into it... cant remember the exact steps now hang on, i'll copy and paste from another forum!..... "Hit the icon thats a CD. Then hit File and go down to convert once its done. Pic the first option which is fcd and then find the folder its in and select the .fcd. After that choose the second option and choose ISO. Hit the overwrite box.
Wait for it to convert and you have your iso". Yep :cool:


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There's an iso shrinker available from, but i've found that it usually only removes about 10mb from the iso size. I suppose if you're 9mb over a gig or half gig card then it may be worthwhile...


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thanks for info guys !

whats the smallest any 1 has got snooker or tiger woods ??

and does it play all the way threw the game with out crashing as you have cutt loads out ?

thanks :thumbsup:


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It shouldn't crash. The pad file simply sits on the inner ring of the umd and pushes the rest of the data outwards - this makes the psp access the files faster as there is more data per single revolution of the umd. The reduction in the video files just makes the psp play the smaller file than the larger one so shouldn't cause a crash...


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Fatbob1080 said:
I extract my isos with isobuster ... Then rebuild the iso with vcdromx...
So what sort of sizes are you getting? I took the lazy option and used the ripper built into Fastloader 0.7.

My sizes for comparison purposes: Lumines = 204,992. Untold = 398,048. Virtua Tennis = 379,776. Wipeout = 247,040. Im just wondering if its worth the effort if the difference isnt much.

Also the readme for UMD Shrink says he might add other .ini files for other games. But yes, at the moment it only has 4 or so games with info to strip out.


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Going off the top of my head i think i get ~195,000 for lumines (deleting eboot.bin and jap language files) and ~384,000 for untold legends (deleting eboot and... maybe update folder). Dont know about the other 2 games. Usually dont save more than this unless you delete movies/pad files. I still think its worth doing, even saving a few meg. Im always desperate for just that extra little bit for an extra snes rom or something :) Currently dont have any shrunk isos on my stick or id post sizes, just got the soon to be deleted 854,926kb tales of eternia :cool:

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