Anti glare films?


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Any suitable for the iPad 2 that will allow good iBook reading in the holiday sun?

Wife looking at a kindle but would rather stick something on that'll do the job.




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I have both a reader with an e-ink screen (a Sony) and an iPad2. and I love them both. There is no contest as far as reading in the sun is concerned however- the reader wins hands down. No contest. For £90 or whatever they are lighter and much more convenient than iPads. I'm not saying don't take your iPad - you can put the kindle app on it and try reading with it but they do get heavy after a while and even with an antiglare screen they are MUCH harder to read in bright sunlight. But hey - you pays your money and you takes your choice!
Enjoy your holiday!!:cool:


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Im on holiday at the moment & using a media devil anti glare screen protector. It works but its not the perfect solution. The Kindle does do a much better job but if you're like me & only want one device to carry around, plus the ability to swap between apps & ibooks, then it does the job competently.


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Thanks for the advice. My wife is now the proud owner of a Kindle touch & we also have the kindle app on the iPad. Impressed with how easy it is to share books:D

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