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Anthony Gallo Ref 3 and Ref3a Veena - Anyone out there with practical experience?

dynamic turtle

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Hey chaps,

Long time no see - first post in months! Been busy with other pursuits (umm, women, mostly) and have therefore had to channel my free cash flow away from my beloved hi-fi for a bit. In case any of you have forgotten, there is a more ruinously expensive, time consuming and soul-destroying activity other than hi-fi; it's called "dating". Still, nice to end 2007 with lots of chalk on the board

Anyway, I'm thinking of chopping in my Amphions for something slightly less obtrusive; They're simply too big for my tiny lounge.

I absolutely adore these things because they're the most responsive and seamlessly integrated speakers I've ever owned. They thrive on valve amps, deliver serious dynamic WHOOMPH and have the cohesion of an SDL. You really can't hear any delineation between the three drive units.

Anyway, I want to keep as much of the bass as possible and am wary of "downgrading" back to standmounts. I'm sure there are some very bass-capable designs with WAF friendly dimensions (thinking SF, WB & AE), but it's really a last resort. If only because of the power they usually require to get decent bass out of them.

The main loudspeakers on my shortlist are the Anthony Gallo Reference 3 speakers. (confusingly) Reference 3a also make some interesting small speakers called the "Veena". Does anyone have any experience with these two transducers? I'd be very grateful for any comments. Particularly interested in the relative "brightness" of the sound, ease of drive and driver integration.



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do you mean the AG Reference 3.1 floor standers or the Reference 3 wall mount AVs ?

I have both - Ref 3.1 on front main, Ref 3 Centre and Ref 3 AV surrounds. I run them with a Velodyne DD15 to fill out the bottom end.

I bought them mainly to kill 2 birds with one stone i.e. have a front main pair that I can run full range in pure audio mode for hi-fi 2 ch as well as havinga seamlessly integrated 5.1 system...and of course they had to have good WAF as I dont have a seperate room for my home cinema.

Im really impressed with the performance in both modes of listening and the integration with the DD15 is spot on. You are supposed to run them all full range, but I find I get a better in room response with them crossed over at 50hz all round for cinema mode - thats where they start to drop off and of course the DD15 is more than up to the job.

In 2 ch mode I run without the sub as the Ref 3.1 go low enough for most music.

They take a real long time to run in - maybe 50 to 100 hours, but its worth it.

One thing that can make a good difference, depending on room size and listening distance is to get the 3.1s L/R up off the floor about 4-6" - they are floor standers and have spikes etc to angle them up slightly, but I found at a 14ft distance then having them 4" off the floor raised the soundstage much better. I got some custom boxes made for them from Stein Audio in the US for this pupose.

Actually if you are looking at the Ref 3.1 then they retail about £2600 in the UK, but i imported mine from the US and even with tax and $400 shipping got them in for £1700 ish which was a good saving.

let me know if you have any specific questions :)

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