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Had the privilege of having Uncle Eric around for coffee and a system set-up check this morning, which, as you would expect, has instantly squeezed every last achievable ounce of quality and energy out of my M&K system. Super. Many thanks to Eric for all his time there.

At the same time he also bought some life-style looking speakers round that he wanted me to listen too. The Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro’s.

Setting the front three speakers on top of my trusty S-85’s, we listened to a demo disc, which Eric had supplied and chose a movie DTS track and music DTS track to listen too, both titles, for the life of me, escape my memory.

These 3inch cylindrical speakers (which bear a strange resemblance to Billy Crystals animated character out of Monsters Inc.) sounded extremely good and an impressive sound stage was formed, even despite that fact that they were not all level nor equidistance from the listening position! In comparison to my M&K’s (which we had been hammering for most of the morning) it was unbelievable that such small speakers could be a very close comparison. Unbelievable.

Not everyone can have huge floorstanders situated in there room or afford to spend £3,000 on a speaker system. This will make budding enthusiasts turn away as they believe that micros systems cannot sound impressive. These speakers almost defy the law of physics and, upon hearing them, I believe they should be extremely high up on anyone’s audition list if micros are your chosen route. Mixed with the fact that these lovely looking ‘balls’ come in 8 different colours, there’s no reason why they won’t blend into your room and almost disappear.

Don’t believe me? Give Eric a shout. He asked me whether the little beasts are worth the money against my £800 a pair M&K’s S-85’s. The answers without doubt, is yes.

Just one more thing, these babies coped with my 3802 at reference level and did not have any issues whatsoever. Power handling, looks, brilliant sound and style. All at a very good price.
Hi Brad,
Pleasure to meet you this morning. I think once folks start recieving these remarkable speakers next week, things are going to pretty much catch fire. I wish I could be there to see the smiles.

Yeah but it must be stressed these things take some running in, I hope people don't expect too much and start saying they sound awful when it'll probably take a couple of weeks to run them in, go gentle with them people for a little while!

My Gloss black Gallo's were only 3 days old when Nathan popped round. Here is another "Listeners View"

Originally posted by nfordenfield
Well what a crap contract the misses had on me......... I'm still here. With hindsight it was stupid to tell her that I had 5 times death in service cover !?! Her little ears pricked up.

Well where do I start.................................

It is not often that the rule book is re written, but boy is this the case with the Gallo's - Eric are you sure them M&K's were off !?!?

Seriously, Eric was very kind to allow me the chance to hear Godzilla (HGS 18), the M&Ks and the Gallo's were an unexpected treat.

We listened to the Gallo's at -00- on a 1SE and they were just singing, the bass remained tight and very controlled at all times and I found a grin of sheer disbelief creaping across my face.

It is not often that a product is greater than the sum of it parts, except where the gallo's are concerned.

Don't get me wrong compared to the M&K's with a HGS18, there is no competition, but what a performance these little gems give. Way ahead of the KEF eggs IMHO.

I will be pleased to answer any specific questions.



Can anyone tell me if positioning of these are important - Uncle Eric?

Read some reviews which say if positioned close to a wall then they lose their magic

These laws do indeed defy some laws of physics. They can be wall mounted without any problem. Like most all speakers, is long as they are not shoved right into a corner, they work their magic just great.
Another thing not to do is to sit these somewhere where there is a long flat surface in front of them. This applys to all speakers as there will be secondary reflections that will cause amongst other things "bluring"
If placed on a shelf for example (using one of their little table mount stands, they should be on the edge of the shelf with a free space in front of them. Same applys to TV mounting but then again most TV cases these days (the top part) are only around 9-12 inches deep so again, no problem at all.
Thanks Uncle Eric

It was just that I read on audioreview - a few people commented there that if they placed them near a wall - 2 foot - then they did not sound as good - so these people placed them 6 foot from the wall - and then they sounded alot better

Didn't someone post in an earlier thread about these speakers saying that there were shielding problems if he placed the centre on top of his TV ?

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