Anthiny Gallo looky likey


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Does anybody know of any speakers that look similar to the Anthony Gallos? Ive been looking around and am up against WAF at every move. She like the Gallos on the floor stands but man are they expensive...

Thank you

Ian J

The Eclipse TD Lulet are similar looking. The bad news is that they are also fairly expensive but Home Cinema Choice liked them sufficiently to make them number two in their favourite speakers over £1,000 category. for further details

If not have a look at the B&W VM range which don't look anything like the balls but may appeal anyway


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I can think of a couple that are available in the UK :)
Cabasse do some nice 'roundy' speakers if you can find a dealer or much easier to get hold of are the Scandyna Micro pods (£500 the set) that's if they aren't to organic looking for the WAF.


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Thankyou Mat, the Cabasse look superb. I've never seen them before but what design.

I had looked at the Micropod but I need floor standing and they don't appear to do a stand, couldn't get away with wall mounting them.


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I'm in the same boat. I've auditioned the Gallos, which look great, but just don't quite sound clear enough on the vocals. The sub is a bit woofly, which doesn't help.

Anyone tried the Kleggs? They look a bit cheap, but anything bigger or boxier in our room is going to get Anne Robinsoned...

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