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Hi all,

I have the opportunity to buy an Anthem Statement A5 from someone who trades in second hand hifi. He thinks it’s 2015 bought but doesn’t have receipts etc - this amp was released in 2004 so it could be 17 years old. To his knowledge it hasn’t been serviced. He wants £1,400.

Thoughts please on:

a) is this a good price? Was originally £3,400 I believe

b) is the fact that it’s an old model now likely to mean a newer more budget model may sound as good or even better?

c) how easy are they to get repaired and serviced? Any suggestions I can call?

Thanks, Ian


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From my experience of owning the Statement A5, it is a great sounding amp. Having owned many different systems, my wandering ear for amplifiers has for now, been satisfied with all that the A5 has to offer.

It drives my Kef Reference 205's with aplomb, and finesse. It is the most effortless that my kit has sounded.

Assuming it's in good working condition, then to my mind, £1400 is a good price to pay. There has been one on the well known online auction site, for quite some time, priced at £1995. It's been listed for months, and to my mind, for a very good reason - it's overpriced.

If anything goes wrong with it, then Pulse I believe are still the main importers, and they can deal with any service issues.


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Photo of the back panel might help in getting its age, as will serial number. If 17 years old then caps will likely be near end of life, but that’s a relatively cheap repair.


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The original service guy for Anthem UK still repairs them if needed, so I'm sure the importer could point you in his direction if needed. He's serviced my SIM2 projector in the past and is highly recommended.

There might even be an A5 for sale in the classifieds that has been very well cared for but it might be a bit too late for you.

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