Anthem MRX740 or Yamaha A2080 with Dirac live


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I am thinking about upgrading my soundsystem and honestly I am very undecided what to do and what to try.
I have a 5.1.4 Setup with Nubert Nuvero (bottom) / Nuline (ceiling) speakers. I don't think they are well known internationally, hence a link to the front speakers:

Now, I used a Marantz/Denon AV-Receiver the last couple of years (last was x4500). But actually I had HDMI defects, propably due to minor electrical surges. For me that is why I want to try another manufacturer. I got an Yamaha A2080 on sale, but I also know that Yamaha's YPAO is supposed to be not as good/does not cover the bass as well as the XT32. Thus, I was looking into Dirac Live and Anthem's ARC. I am not really into the Arcam/NAD receivers due to the software bugs etc. The new NAD for example just does not have 2x HDMI 4k out and I am using a TV and projector. My idea was to get a MiniDSP 88A with dirac live with the Yamaha and use a seperate amplifier for the bottom channels (for example an Emotiva XPA). This would mean the ceiling speakers would not be adjusted, because the MiniDSP is only 8 channels. Furthermore, this is a quite expensive setup for my speakers. Another idea would be to wait for the Anthem MRX740, use ARC and only get a stereo amplifier to support the fronts (due to their low effency). I ordered a xtz A2-300, which I like because of the use of class D: size and power consumption is nice.

What I do like about the expensive setup and not only a single device is that is easier/cheaper upgradeable to e.g. new HDMI or if something is broken in the pre-amp stage. Eventhough, Emotiva is supposed to be awesome, I would prefer a class D version. Not going into event technology it seems to be not that easy to find inexpensive multi channel amps. The Rotel 1575 seems to be discontinued (?) and only 5 channels. In combination with the XTZ this would be enough for the MiniDSP 8 Channel Dirac Live. But, as I said, not adjusting the ceiling speakers is a bit stupid for that kind of money. Also "lot of devices and cables". Sounds stupid, but it is just a living room home cinema (which is also why I want a good room correction).

What would you guys do and why? Any thought or inputs? Maybe new devices (MiniDSP?) coming up, which would at least make the setup cover every speaker whithout even increasing the price for that further more?

Thanks and stay healthy!

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I think the minidsp with Dirac and the Yamaha is quite an expensive way of getting a compromised set-up. Do you like how the Yamaha sounds? Are you movies only or music and movies?

The Anthem 740 might be a good fit for you, but no-one knows at the moment as still no reviews / previews / release date.

The outgoing FMJ Arcam's are reliable, and there are just a few units left being sold with the full five year warranty.

You could even go full separates and get a dedicated processor with power amp?

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It would be the anthem for me, ive had nad and if you’re worried now, when you get it it will drive you mad..quirky they are.
i had an anthem before the nad so thats why i choose what i choose....


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@Rambles, quite expensive for not beeing perfect is what I thought, too. I got a defective A2080 (noise on right back channel), which is why I did not go through a perfect room correction and measurement afterwards. The sound was fine, but not very good. I haven't done measurements, hence I do not know if this is maybe due to the room/roomcorrection and could be better. What I do know though: I tested an Rotel RKB 8100 (multiroom) power amp and this had a bit more kick to it. I often have the feeling that listening to loud music over some tracks is becoming exhausting for my ears and that was def. better with the power amp.

I use it a lot for movies and series but also for music. I am not sitting down and listen to an LP or so or watch an entire concert in detail, but I use the couch for surfing the internet while listening to music and when I like a song I turn it up in between. I am just mentioning that because I know some audiophilics do that ;)

What else? Uh, the room: it's a open living / dining room with an open kitchen attached through a huge sliding door. Also there are two big sliding doors to the hall way (one from the living room, one from the kitchen), which are open almost all the time. Entire room with the kitchen is ~540-590sft (50-55sqm).

And yes, getting a dedicated processor would be another way to go. But imho they are quite expensive, especially looking for Dirac integrated ones.

@Topmetom 2 , as I said: the NAD was off my list as soon as I read about the missing 2nd 4k out. Can't believe that such an expensive AVR does not support this. Stupid.

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I think it is worth at least considering the outgoing Arcam FMJ AVRs and processor, as they only get refreshed every five years or so, and are currently available at very good prices with 5 year manufacturer warranty. They are not without their characteristics, but they are stable, sound great for music and movies and will offer full Dirac on all speakers.

AVR390 @ £1299 at Peter Tyson
AVR550 @ £1599 at Nintronics
AVR850 seem to be all gone
AVR860 @ £2800 Audio Affair

Both the 390 and 550 will give you 7 channels of onboard amplification, so you will need a 2 channel amp for 2 of your height speakers, and possibly a 2 channel amp for your front mains, as they look quite difficult to drive. Adding power amps to those should be fine as long as you have the speakers set to small.

The 860 is the processor, so you would need all 9 channels of external amplification for that, could get very expensive all in.

The Anthem 740 @ £2800 certainly looks interesting. It has 7 channels onboard, so you would need at least one 2 channel amp, I don't know how assignable the internal amps will be, so you may be able to have the external amp on your front mains and use the 7 internal amps on the rest of your speakers.


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Thanks for the input. The Arcams don't have such an attractive price in Germany, especially with two external amps in add. to it. I guess I will try the Anthem when it's out versus the Yamaha with one extra XTZ for the fronts. Seems to be one of the best choices atm for me.

Let me know if you have any other ideas :)

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Ah, okay. I didn't realised you were in Germany. Good luck, let us know what the Anthem is like!


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similar thought process here. I have a 3050 but not so impressed with the YAPO. The bugs with the NAD are a bit off putting and having once owned an Arcam combo, never again!


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Yeah similar thought whirring here too.

I have a Yamaha 3050 which is fairly well behaved, nothing like the tales in the forums of NAD and Arcam and already a 2x4hd minidsp for subs so adding another minidsp is a thought, they are very simple to set up and very well behaved for a dsp. I already have external amps for LCR and a old but decent 5 channel analog AVR in the loft so that's not too much of a stretch.

HTP-1 seem the thing to have but I think I'd wait for UK direct availability, sounds like that might happen within the coming year. Hopefully at an equivalent price, not a UK ripoff $=£+duty+vat

Yamaha's YPAO is pretty useless, I haven't really used it since moving house. It doesn't get distances right, I have to adjust them from REW measurements afterwards. The eq it adds seems to be making room resonances worse not better, again I get much better results by zeroing YPAO's efforts and adjusting manually. For some mad reason it thinks I need a +6dB boost at 250Hz on my subwoofers!

I'd say the Yamaha improved massively when I added the LR external amp but my speakers are a bit hard to drive for an AVR. I got another similar amp for C and I was surprised how much difference that made. So I'm thinking the AVR is ok just doesn't have big enough, clean enough amps for proper speakers. Despite being "Aventage" I think it's really built to drive tiddly squeakers and a lifestyle (not sub)woofer.

I've reached the limit of acoustic treatments I can comfortably accommodate in the room and 60 to 200Hz is still rather messy so dirac seems the only way forward from here.


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Finally changed from my ax1 to a nad t778 because of dirac which is a revelation in my room.Toyed with mini dsp but after using various eqs wanted all in one for now 5.1.4.Only gripe with tv and projector output but can live with blu ray output for projector.
Your options are arcam which like nad have had bugs though 8 months in I haven't,anthem which with genesis is supposedly closer to dirac than others or if onkyo or pioneer who apparently will be using dirac will perhaps do what you want.
For everybody who moans about bugs on whatever make there are probably far more happy customers and we English love moaning. We'll I'm off to listen to abba at max which I now can.

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