Anthem Mrx720, Samsung 4K, Comcast cable box


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ok here goes.
for some reason comcast cable box and Anthem are not working on my Samsung TV. both are 2019 purchases.
I also have an Xbox and Firestick attached
I'm on my 3rd Comcast box, it is attached to the Anthem MRX 720 Input1. The Xbox is in Input 2 and the Firestick to Input 3. The anthem is using the Anthen output HDMI and plugs into the Samsung ARC HDMI.
The Xbox and firestick work fine BUT when trying to access the Cable box I get a No Source message and then a Black Screen. At times if I pull the ARC HDMI out of the Samsung and re insert it will work BUT Very,Very seldom
I have been in touch with Samsung, Anthem, Comcast, and business that sold the Anthem to me.
They have had me swap out Cable boxes, try different HDMI outputs and new HDMI cables.. Home Theater store tech has been out 2x and got it to work a few times but hours later it's back to the Source error. Audio Store is still in touch with Anthem and have yet to find a solution
A couple other things. During setup I see that the Cable box do not have Anthem on their list when setting up and Samung does list a couple of Anthem products MRX700 is one BUT it does not pass the turn off turn on test and neither do any of the other anthem products listed
Any ideas will be appreciated

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