Antec Fusion Graphics Card using 430W PSU


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More of a question to the forums in general.

Having a few niggles with my motherboard graphics and thinking of another graphics card.

Anyone using a mid / high end card in the antec fusion with the standard 430W psu?

Thinking of getting a 3850 pro, just wondering if anyone else has used one in the case or 8800gt?

Or should I be a guinea pig :thumbsup:


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Nothing high-end, but i've got a ATI 2600 Pro.

I'm sure someone will have put bigger and better in than that.

Dave Gray

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Just built a Fusion Veris for a customer with the following:

Athlon64 X2 4000+ Dual Core CPU
2gb Corsair XMS2 6400 DDR2-800
1 x 160Gb SATA300 7200RPM
1 X 500Gb SATA300 7200RPM 16MB cache
Antec Fusion Veris Black with 430watt PSU
Sapphire 512Mb ATI Radeon HD3850 Pro
Vista Home Premium

Everything worked brilliantly. No problems with temps or noise. The Radeon is virtualy silent.

3850Pro would be an excellent choice - Blueray, HDDVD & upscaled DVD (1080p) look stunning!
I am serously thinking of selling my Arcam DV88+ DVD player and Lumagen scaler to fund building a similar spec media PC, the pictures on my 50" 1080p plasma are amazing!

Haven't tried the 8800GT in that case or with a sub 700watt PSU yet but unless you are a serious gamer the Radeon 3850pro would be ideal!

A useful link to calculate PSU requirements as follows:

Good luck and enjoy.:smashin:


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Ordered one about 2 hours ago. Couldnt resist.
Checked the psu calculator the other day, seems to suggest not much increase from a 3850pro to a 8800gt.

Is a bit overkill for a media pc, but at £100 for one it makes the 2600xt look very poor value for money.

My biggest concern was board length, good to know someone else has had the conviction to put one in.

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