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What is your budget?
£400 can stretch slightly for a good deal
What size laptop do you want? 15.6

Do you have resolution requirements? No

Do you prefer a matte or glossy (reflective) screen? Either

What will you be using the laptop for? Uni and light gaming

If you will be gaming, what games do you need to play?
Skyrim, ME3, CS, TF2

How long does the battery need to last?
A few hours when just browsing/word processing

Does it need to be portable? As long as it isn't a huge chunky thing I'm not too bothered

require Blu-Ray?
Do you require HDMI output?
Would expect one but can live without it.

Do you have a preferred brand? No

Are there brands you would prefer to avoid? No

Would you be happy with a refurbished laptop?
As long as there's still a 12 month warranty

Any other details you feel necessary... Have been looking at a few so pointers either to which is best or to any better deals much appreciated.

ACER V3-551-84504G50.Laptops at Comet
Not much information on the net about this one.

Acer Aspire 5755G NX.RV3EK.001
Pretty much between those two as far as I can see but I'm no expert and am sick to dear of looking at benchmarks and fps rates and what not just need some advice from someone in the know.

Also just noticed this Acer Aspire 5560G NX.RUREK.001
Lower CPU than the first but more ram and better (?) graphics.


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That one you mention was what I would have recommended for sure Acer Aspire 5755G NX.RV3EK.001

They got the i5 version too but it's about £430 something, Acer Aspire 5755G NX.RV3EK.002 i think the i3 is better value
Cheers, you have any experience of the laptop yourself? its just that ive seen the one at comet in person and quite liked the build/keyboard as well as the aluminium effect bezel. its a shame the 5755 looks a bit bland. How significant is the difference between the graphics? I am having a hard time trusting notebookcheck as ive watched videos of bf3 being played on the lower 6620g graphics on medium/high settings whereas all benchmarks suggest this wouldnt be possible and what info I have found on the a8 from other forum posts seems more positive than all of the benchmarks.

I suppose what im getting at is if the a8 is good enough then I may be inclined to go for that given the better build unless the difference in performance is staggering.

Thanks again.


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If the one from comet has the A8-4500M which is what i see on that page and has 7640G graphics the CPU and graphics are both notably worse than the intel and I wouldn't buy that one it is too inferior.
The AMD from save on laptops is better though and the 7670M is as good probably a little faster than 630M.

You should have a look on the Dell outlet store, I think they have free delivery at the moment and last week when i checked it I saw a few i5 630M for under £400

I wouldn't pay too much attention to some benchmarks because unless you know what reslution is being used they don't mean much


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I agree with above look at Dell Outlet from 2pm onwards every weekday they have some great deals at times and they currently have free shipping offer on.

Look at the xps systems.

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