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Looking to upgrade my 6 year old Panasonic TV to a 4k model. I'm not particularly upto date with all the new technology, the basic requirement are,

Can't stream nowtv, netflix etc from the 4k nowtv smart box.

Can connect to an onkyo av receiver which is connected to our speakers.

Can stream films saved on our Western digital my cloud connected to our network.

Ideally record to an external.hardrive but not a necessity.

Freeview HD

I have looked at these 2 models,

Hisense 55u7b from Costco £480

lG 49uk6300. From richer sounds £369

Budget is £500 of £600 if it was something far superior.

I'm not expecting something exceptional. Just a TV you can watch 4k content at a half decent quality.

Thanks for any advice


All TVs will do what you want but have limitations with a couple of things.

Whilst they all seem to support recording from a USB HDD nowadays, the software used tends to be pretty poor and unless you look at high end models you cannot record one channel whilst watching another, or two at the same time like you can with a designated PVR. Its also common to get problems with TVs detecting certain hard drives.

As for file playback support, well this too will work with USB and Network, most TVs now have DLNA network playback support provided you have a DLNA server. However much the same as when you connect a USB HDD the file formats the TV can support playing back without any problems, may be limited and the software may be poor.

Out of the two you selected, you are less likely to see these problems with the LG, which is priced very well since its a 2018 model.

The Hisense, if watching from the front will have better picture quality than the LG overall, but at the cost of poorer viewing angles and poorer built in software. Its also a 2019 model that hasn't long been released, so its price is quite higher than its worth.

If you wait to buy a TV at a better time, you could probably get a TV that has both better software and good picture quality, or, if you are lucky and still find a TV from 2018 lines using a 50" panel from LG or Samsung, it would be a good fit. Look at 50" rather than 49" if you do not need wide viewing angles.

I would personally suggest waiting until black friday, potentially you can set your hights on higher end models for the same price, or find a cheaper model for even less money. I'd also forget about relying on built in smart TV for anything other than viewing apps and use a designated android box for file playback and a designated PVR for recording.


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Thanks for that info, We have a NOWTV smart 4k box for watching nowtv, netflix etc. THe recording is not really a necessity and we only rarely stream from the network attached storage occasionally.

Would this LG 50inch be a better option?
LG 50UK6750PLD £429

or this,

Samsung UE55RU7400 £599

Would this more expensive Samsung one have any real improvement over the other options other than screen size?




Would this more expensive Samsung one have any real improvement over the other options other than screen size?
Only slightly and only if you use HDR content. Its a 2019 model. The 2019 model from Samsung more similar to the LG you linked would be the 50RU7100.

The LG is a 2018 model, which is why its priced better. I'd go for that model.

Make sure you do not need wide viewing angles if going for a 50" model.


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Sorry what do you mean by wide angle viewing? We pretty much watch the telle from straight on, no extreme angles.

Are there any specific 2018 models you would recommend? I don't even mind looking at a used one if it was going to be better quality


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