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(Another) which tablet thread - documents, media player, web


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Am trying to get my head round the tablet market/options as wifey has determined we need one.

- Portable to take to meetings and take notes on. This assume compatibility with MS Office on return in order to share documents and print; I think portability means "fits in a handbag"
- Quick to boot
- Wi-Fi, not worried about 3G etc
- Media consumption: We have a NAS storing our media (videos, photos, music), as well as a freesat box recording programmes as .ts files for consumption on other computers on the network. The tablet is required to be able to play these files. Ideally, I'd like the tablet to run similar to our XBMC laptop - I'd like all the media aggregated into a library, for ease of access on the tablet.
- I don't really want to be re-formating media to play it on the tablet, and transferring files to/from the tablet over wi-fi to other devices on the network would be an advantage
- Kids: Pre-school & primary school ages, will get the opportunity to use it. So games they'd enjoy and potentially robustness/ease of use (see point on media library above) important.
- Internet browsing including flash (or at least, be able to watch online videos and cbeebies website on it).
- Video calling over the internet.

I think that about covers it. I've been looking around but can't figure out:
- whether an android device can "mount" a NAS on the network as a share automatically without the android device being rooted
- whether an ipad can use flash/Cbeebies website
And other life-changing questions like that :)

Extra note: NAS is a readynas duo, so don't think it's got the processing power to run as a plex server.

All comments and guidance gratefully received - a friendly nudge in the appropriate direction would be appreciated, as would any user experience of solutions to any of the points above. I think I'm after the moon on a stick, so even just confirmation of that I am would be great!
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An iPad cannot run flash and cbeebies website does not fully work.

A jail broken iPad can, however, run xbmc exactly like your laptop (assuming media is shared from your nas). I would imagine, though, that xbmc will appear on android at some point.


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Thanks to both for the replies.

I've used ES File Explorer on an android phone, which works fine to browse to the files on the NAS when using the app. However it doesn't "automatically" map the drive when the device connects to the network (like our other PCs do) so that the media on it can be accessed through a media player library. As a result I wouldn't trust the kids to find media through it.

Sounds like Wifey has decided on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 anyway to "match her phone" :)


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Many thanks for the futher recommendations, all will be explored.

I'm getting a little confused on the galaxy tab 10.1 vs galaxy tab 10.1 2 front. From what I can work out, the 2 model is a replacement but not quite as technically proficient? What's the general consensus on the one to go for?

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