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Hi I am getting a new amp to go with my newly acquired Mordaunt Short 904's, The amp need's to be no more than 100 watts as that is the rating of the speakers, now I think I may be asking a little much here but I want a cheap amp that would give me some control over signal delays, I did read a thread on here that the new Denon 16 and 1804 include some sort of delay like thier bigger brother the 3803. I would really like some form of control over delays if only to the centre speaker and in Pro Logic 2 as well as 5.1 modes just to delay the dialogue a little to help with lip sync issues with my plasma.

I am working on a budget and have short listed some amps but if one of these amps had a delay feature it would probably swing it.

Sony STR-DB970
Denon 1604
Denon 1804
Marrantz SR 4400
Marrantz SR 5400
Pioneer VSXD812S

I am a little concerned about the Marrantz models as I have read about audio drop out's and crackling so maybe they should be given a wider birth any suggestions.
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