Another what amp for £350-£400 question

I know this has been covered before, but it would be a great help if somone could recomend my friend a new amp. Basically the only stipulations are as follows:

it must be around the £350-£400 mark
it must be DTS capable
and must be silver.

Any input is most appreciated :)


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I would recommend the Yamaha RX-V630RDS Ti but it comes in titanium (slightly darker than the normal silver colour) but if the colour doesn't suit then its not the one to go for.

Otherwise, I'd recommend the silver Sony STRDB1080. It is currently £390 from www.unbeatable.co.uk and that price includes delivery. Have a look around as you might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.


Phil Hinton

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You could have a look at what Denon has to offer at that price(possibly a 3802 when the 3803 comes around) and Marantz tend to get pretty good press here, have a search around. Don't know if a HK is available at this price point or what they sound like, but cant be wrong in getting a demo.


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I got a s/h 3802 for £450, also got a demo of the Yammy 630....

The Denon blows it out of the water! (hardly surprising considering)

Also, check out the Marrantz 5300, good amp too, cept mine messed up when i went to have a demo!


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I went for the Denon 1803 over the Marantz 5300 and the Yamaha 630. I think the Marantz and Denon were both very similar in movie playback, and the Marantz probably had the edge when playing a music source.

However the Denon was quite a bit cheaper and featured a variable cross over up to 120hz which is something that I wanted. IMHO they were both slightly better than the Yamaha.

I doubt that WHF would agree though!!! :p


Unfortunately neither the Marantz nor Denon are available in silver. Options are black or "champagne" (washed out gold).
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