Another Well Meaning but Clueless XBox live Question


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Ok, I've just signed up to Pipex Broadband. Got the ADSL modem installed and web access is fine in the 1st floor spare room.

XBox is in the lounge on the ground floor.

From what i have read here and elsewhere i have the following options to connect to Live. (Please correct me if I am wrong!)

1. I run an ethernet cable from the lounge to the PC upstairs and connect a router. (Don't really want to have to lay this cable as its a difficult run with damed T&G chipboard flooring :mad: )

2. I get a wireless router and a 'thing' (transmitter/receiver) to connect to the Xbox with a short ethernet cable. I would then need to set this up and I am pretty clueless! I've seen threads where people have had problems. Is there a particulaly good wireless connection that is easy to install that someone could recommend? I need to weigh up the cost of this against the buggeration factor of runnining a cable down!

3. I have a phone line extension socket behind the XBox. Was used for Sky but not any more. I suspect the answer is no but is there a way of connecting the XBox to this (Via another ADSL modem?) which would be cheaper than the wireless alternative???

Thanks in anticipation


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3 would be your cheapest solution out of 2 & 3.

However, it requires one modification you would need to buy a modem/router as the X-Box AFAIK does not possess a dial up function.

It has the following drawback, you will only be able to have one router/modem connected at a time.

2 is really the only sensible option if you are unable to run a cable. It isn't that difficult to setup and people here will be able to give you help.


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Thanks for confirming that!

So, all I need to decide is do I pay £100 for wireless connectiveity and be able to use Live on any TV in the house or do I carve up some more floor boards and add to the squeaking.....:(


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I've ordered X Box live kit with PGR 2 from Amazon.

I am going to run a Cat5 straight through Ethernet cable to my PC Upstairs.

If I get an ADSL router like this... http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/prod...wcm9kdWN0X292ZXJ2aWV3&product_uid=48449#pinfo

...does it replace my current 'speedtouch' ADSL modem that I got when I signed up to Pipex? The Speedtouch is connected to the PC with a USB cable not Ethernet. There is an ethernet socket in a card in the back of the PC. In which case do I also need another ethernet cable to connect the PC to the ADSL router?

Might seem like simple questions but I am 'simple' when it comes to PC's....but I am learning!

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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The router that you have got the link posted to will replace your 'speedtouch' modem, and yes you will need a ethernet cable to connect it to your PC, but there should be one supplied in the box, although it will probably only be about 3m in length


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Thanks Iamtheone.

I shall go and make a further purchase.

Hitting the card hard today! Just ordered some DVD's too:smashin:


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Thanks derek:smashin:

Just got to get it all working now :thumbsdow

And then get my arese kicked :clown:


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not wrong there Del

only prob is it could take over all your spare time then the MRS will get the hump with it


Do what they ask to be done before you switch the machine on then the time could be yours to waste on XBL


:oops: :lesson:


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I'm hoping the Missus will want to play. (She played through Halo Co-op on Legendary!).......but not too often:devil: :devil: :devil:

Mr Screen

your lucky you have a missus that plays video games my missus says she would rather spend the day in prison than play video games.:laugh:


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Mr Screen,

Surely that could be arranged:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


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I've just been installing the ADSL router. For some reason my Ethernet port does not work! I've tried 'add new hardware' and it states that it is installed but having problems. I tried to update the driver but it can not find one. Again I'm clueless!!!!

So, I tried connecting it with the USB lead. Success!! I'm sure I read on here somewhere that the USB connection is not as good but I can't find the post. Can anyone comment on this?

Now all I've got to do is lay the CAT 5 cable from the lounge to the router and go online! (I hope that's all. Each step seems to present its own problems!

Should I have some form of firewall now as this router seems to give a permanent connection? I run Windows 98 and I don't think I am running any anti-virus software??? Does the router need to be protected in any way or do I install something on the PC.

SO many questions but again any comments would be appreciated.

I'm learning.......slowly:blush:


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:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

It works!!!!!!

Finished playing PGR2 at 3am!!!! Too much fun!

Tried RS6 and couldn't get into it. Lots of serious Americans.... Will have to have another go sometime.

That's the end of my life!

If anyone could still comment on questions raised in my previous post it would be appreciated.

Thanks to all those that have helped me get this far!!
:D :D :D


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Monster add me to ya friends list
as we run forum RS63 Server with all brit players good crack
same for PGR2 GRIT TOCA2



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Will do!! I'll make you all feel good about yourselves as I am pretty crap at the mo.... but improving!

I was playing RS3 last night, getting kicked by some yanks! Suddenly had a run of luck and won twice on the trot! Then they kicked me off the server and I was banned! Sore losers!

Is it just me or is RS3 really stressful!! Had a right laugh playing PGR2 on Saturday night with some Brits. Think some of them had had a few, the :censored: taking and goading was merciless...

This really is too much fun!!

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