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I thought I should make a quick post after having picked up my custom TV unit from Stump furniture this week
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Stuart has been great to deal with from beginning to end and I have a real quality product that was definitely worth the money and the wait. When you think about what you can buy mass produced out of glass, plastic and mdf and the cost for something decent that you end up having to fit your room and equipment around, its really a no brainer to go and get a custom unit built. If you are thinking about doing this, then think no more and ring Stuart now!

I had an oak/oak veneer unit built with a natural wax finish to blend in with other furniture and flooring. Unfortunately my cheap-ass gale speakers now stand out a bit so they'll be next on my shopping list to be replaced! ;)

There is enough space for a centre speaker at the top and xbox Kinect. Left hand side at the bottom is a removable shelf. There is a solid back with cable holes, space at back of the shelves for cables to pass up/down and ventilation holes in the shelves too.

Very happy - as is SWMBO to see that the spaghetti of cables are now all out of sight! :)

Here are some shots of the unit in the workshop that Stuart took and a couple (of dodgy) ones with it in situ.



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If I can be so nosey, can you indicate the approximate cost please? Im after pretty much the same same thing, probably a bit bigger, but same style, Quality looks superb! thanks


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Well it will cost you £0 to draft you what you want and send it to Stuart for a quote :)

I worked out the measurement then drew it in powerpoint, a few tweaks were needed along the way.

So I'm happy to say what mine was but it may or may not bear any resemblance to what you are after. It was 408 incl. VAT...paid 90 deposit and it was about 8 weeks before delivered. I'd dint go for all solid oak either some of it is veneer to keep cost down a bit. When I first saw this I thought it expensive but honestly for what it is it isn't at all....a factory quality but mass produced unit wouldn't have been much less and it wouldn't have been 100% to my spec...and exactly to the millimetre at that :). ...but of course your are reliant on yourself for getting the measurements right

I guess it depends on your budget really and what you want. as a hifi rack I've used stacked ikea units and that's pretty all matched up size wise what I was looking for but then again is not handmade quality like from fact to the point that I would consider replacing it with something from them in the future and to match my tv unit

If you look on their website they have a page with quite a lot of different examples
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