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Another try for this question

Discussion in 'Arcam Owners' Forum' started by hi_robb, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. hi_robb


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    hi folks,

    Tried asking this a few days ago and got no repsonse. Perhaps someone like Crusty can answer this for me.

    For pure stereo cd playback using my dv89 and avr200 should i use the anlogue outs or the digital outs of the dv89?

    Secondly, if I'm to use the analogue outs, should i plug the cables in to the 5.1 multi channel ins or in to the cd in of the amp? I know that using the multi channel in on the amp will mean the dv89 is doing all the stereo decoding.

    I'm just wondering if using the cd in means I''m decoding using the dv89 then again using the avr200? So techinally speaking to use the avr200 as the stereo decoder I should use digital out on the dv89, and to use the dv89 I should use the anlogue outs plugged into the multi channel in on the amp.

    I'm unsure of what to do. The only reason I ask is because I've been experimenting and there's a definete difference when using cd in or multi channel in. the 5.1 in sounds a lot more detailed but not quite so warm, on the other hand the multi channel in does seem to show more of the ambience of where the track was recorded.

    I think my question should basically be what's going to be better, the amp or the dvd player for stereo decoding so I can setup properly.

  2. Crustyloafer

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    Sep 12, 2003
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    1. For stereo cd playback try both the analogue and digital connections and use the one that sounds best to you. I suspect that the DACs onboard the DV89 will be superior to those in the AVR200.

    2. Using the cd inputs as opposed to the multi channel inputs for stereo replay only gives you the ability to apply post processing to the signal, such as Dolby Prologic 2 Music or DTS Neo 6.

    The way I have my system currently wired up is as below:

    1: CD Playback = CD Player to Stereo Amp via analogue interconnects
    2: DVD Video Playback = DVD Player to AVR300 via digital coax interconnect
    3: DVD-Audio Playback (Multichannel) = DVD Player to AVR300 via multi channel inputs
    4: DVD-Audio Playback (Stereo) = DVD Player to Stereo Amp via analogue interconnects.

    The front left and right pre-outs on my AVR300 are connected to the 'Home Theatre Direct' input on my Stereo Amp which leaves the AVR300 only driving the centre, surrounds and surround backs.
  3. comet


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    I glad I found this post as I was just going to ask a similar question.

    I have a DVD27a an AVR100 and an exposure power amp driving the front 2 channels.

    For purely 2-channel sound I'm wondering what the difference is between the Ext 5.1 and the CD input is.

    There is definately a difference between these 2 analogue inputs. In some ways the Ext 5.1 input sounds more accurate, it is certainly louder and has a sharper sound compared to a relatively soft sound on the CD input.

    My question to any Arcam engineers is what is the difference in the signal processing between these.
    As one can apply effects to the CD input and not the 5.1 input is there processing done on the CD input that is not done on the 5.1.

    Note I am using the AVR 100 just as a preamp here and the processing is just set to stereo on the CD input with the source direct selected in both cases.

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