Another Tosh 36ZP18P Problem?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by [email protected], Jan 8, 2002.

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    Okay so having had this thing for less than 2 weeks, yes it has the bright edges but only if you look for it (maybe this is worse on some set than others) and there is a slight bow at the top of the screen (for which the engineer is coming to sort on Friday) but today, another problem has come to light which I haven't seen mentioned before.

    The TV has been on all day today (the wife has had a day off work :rolleyes: ).

    Whilst watching, I noticed that the picture seemed flat and jerky. It looked as though Sky had dropped their frame rate but I put this down to the fact that Jerry Springer is not the highest quality source :p

    But as the evening went on, I noticed the same on the weakest link and the scrolling titles at the end were unreadable. This continued on all channels so I stuck in my T2 DVD and tried that. The THX thing at the start was awfull.

    Switching the TV off and then on (at the wall) seems to have solved the problem (for now) so I am guessing that it is the TV at fault not the Sky box AND Toshiba DVD.

    During all of this, I tried it in all the different picture size modes with no difference.

    Has anybody else seen this?

    My guess is that the processing power isn't up to the job. If it was on a PC I would be looking to shut down other applications or even looking for a memory leak but on a TV :confused:

    Any thought welcome

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