Another thread reagrding connecting up


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I've trawled back through loads of old threads so hopefully I shouldn't be far off with this setup.
About to get a panny 6 series and connecting them upto my sky, dvd player and video, would this be ok.

Sky to rgb2vga to palsma (no extra board required in plasma, is this right?)

dvd component out using belden component cable in power buy to component board in plasma (which i need to specify when buying)

video rgb to rgb in plasma (most shops stick one of these boards in for free)

does that sound about right?


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Sounds fine apart from the VCR would be Composite not RGB (still uses same board though ) :)


P.S Good choice of screen ;)


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Originally posted by chipper
aah, i thought rgb was scart.
is composite scart then?

Scarts can carry different types of signal (RGB, S/Video, Composite and even Component in some rare cases).

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