Another Subwoofer Connection Conundrum


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I read a thread yesterday about a new guy who was finding it hard and had done hours of research but still felt he didn't know enough to get an AVR. Well, I'm feeling kind of like that today!

Without going into the detailed story, here's the problem.

I have a sub far away from the AVR. Generally I use trunking on skirting boards to route cables. So, I ran a 15m RCA in trunking but it had to get past the door frame, I ran it under the track that holds the carpet down for that bit. This caused problems and the lead never worked properly (proved by testing with a directly connected lead across the lounge). Where the lead had to do some sharp turns, it must have been damaged inside.

So, as part of new set up, I ran a lead under the carpet in a divide in the thick underlay and as you can see in this post here
it all worked perfectly.

UNTIL THE NEXT DAY. It appears after being walked on for a bit, that lead broke too!

So, question please. Is there a really hardy 15m sub lead that won't mind being pinched and sharp turns around the door frame etc that I can use? This sub is to be EQed in a pair, so not mega happy with a 15m lead when the other sub in the pair is a 5m lead or will that make no difference?

Other option is to use a wireless kit. But if I use, say, the REL HT-Air for that sub it will have a approx. 15ms delay and won't be able to be EQed in the pair. Answer seems to be then to connect both the subs in the pair with wireless so that they have the same delay. But I asked American Audio about the SVS Tri Band and he said it won't do multiple subs.

Does anyone know of a wireless kit that will happily do two subs? Do you think this is the best solution? If there is a suitable bomb proof 15m lead (and we think the delay won't be an issue) I'll be putting a load of speaker wires in trunking shortly and could do that at the same time.

Also, that room is the main source of 2.5 and 5 GHz wifi so needs to be one that doesn't clash with that.



The length of the lead won't make a difference, go over the door.
Wireless will add lag and delay. You can cater for it in EQ but it's expensive and not as solid as a direct connection.


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One more idea is to trunk it the shorter route (10m lead) but use trunking around the hearth. But, again, it needs to do near right angles, is there a cable that can tolerate this?


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Thanks Conrad, any recommendation of a lead that isn't a million pounds that can cope with the near right angles please?


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In 2014 I bought this QED cable to run around the wall to the back of the room via plastic trunking and under the carpet by the door, (25 Metres).

Fisual / QED Ultra Compact White Custom Subwoofer Cable (Single) - Subwoofer Cables - AV Online - UK Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

The reason I bought this cable was because I was looking for a low profile cable as there was shortage of room in the trunking. Being so thin meant it went round corners easily. It is still in place and working today.

Different length cables will not make any difference as the room correction on your AVR will sort that out with the distance settings. It does not measure the physical distance but the time it takes for sound to arrive at the MLP.


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Given that the signal in the cables will be moving at the speed if light, one cable would have to be 300 kilometers longer than the other to make even a single millisecond of delay between the two subs firing. I’m pretty sure you’re not going to need the AVR to correct for a difference of only 10 meters. ;)


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Thanks that's interesting @Gilbers I didn't know what speed it did move at but thought it would not be the speed of light on the basis that it is being conducted by the solid. But, from reading up, it looks like it is almost (i.e. 90% plus) of the speed of light. So, yes, as you point out it will make no difference!

Went for the Fisual lead from AVonline and it was delivered really quickly (not quite the speed of light although I believe DPD vans can attain the speed of sound🤣) so looking forward to connecting that back up at the weekend.


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Thanks @Dolus and @Conrad setup today and it's silent!

Lesson learnt for long connections on old sub don't use Amazon basics!

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