Another Sub Or Extra Rear Speaker


I own Jamo D7 sistem in 6.1 and it is great IMO, now I have little extra money and dont know how to spend, option one is to get another sub so I have 6.2 or another rear speaker for 7.1. Eather way I go i wont have chance to upgrade again soon so I wont to make it right, any help is welcomed, what would you do?


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personally I'd go for a rear centre - but it depends on your usage and of course size of room.

For cinema use the rear centre would add value and assuming its a normal sized room the second woofer would possibly only confuse things more that add to the experience.

On the other hand if youre a muso head then the woofer may be way to go, but I'd have thought youd need a pretty big room to make use of a second woofer.


Room is normal size: 3.8×5.8m Honestly one sub is enought but just thinking of two subs make my face silly loking:devil: On the other hand 2 rear will give more development in rear and probably I wont miss anything, but again these are 80HZ speakers and subwoofer have lots of work... uh what to do?:confused: :confused:


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If you're happy, why do anything at all?

The boundary gain correction in the sub is interesting though.
A totally different approach to my way of thinking, which is the more low stuff, the better :D

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