Another Stuck pixel problem! New PWD8


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Hi guys,

after selling my pj and crt tv i bought a PWD8 for normal tv use. i must say i'm very impressed and am very happy with it until just now. i have had a PC screen on it pure white whilst just updating some software. made a cuppa and came back to the room, low and behold what i thought was a moth. but it turns out to be two pixels one pink/red the other blue but only noticable when viewed from an this normal. they are centre screen about 8 inch from the bottom so pretty much in the middle. :(

is it normal to have them only see from the sides? now i have noticed them i can train my eye on them all the time.

see attached piccy needs to be zoomed you can just make out the different colour around the pixels



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Just taken delivery of my PHD8 and have also found 2 stuck pixels!

Is there any way to free these?? can they become unstuck after an ISF calibration?

Many thanks



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this is one thing that is worrying me on my future purchase..i was a little gutted when i bought a tft for 300 quid with a pixel issue, never mind spending 2k and getting it!

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there is a PSP pixel fixer on the internet, download it and leave it running for an hour or so, if that dont work and its a new online purchase try sending it back!

btw i take no responsibility if the PSP app burns/destroys/shortens the life of your TV, just an idea as it works for a few psp users


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Thanks Jago.

A quick google search shows some info on "massaging" the area while running the video - this is on an LCD tho.

I don't really want to massage the screen area with a chance of damaging other pixels or damaging the glass.


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i wouldnt recommend massaging, your obviously i picky person like the rest of us and i hate seeing smudge prints on tv's THEY NEVER GO!, but on a plasma that technique is useless anyway as you cant push thru the glass, with lcds you are actually moving the pixels


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i am taking my plasma to a pani dealer this week to get it looked at, 2 pixels in the center, they should replace the screen at the dealers discretion, although this is a local dealer. rather than the london dealer i bought it from.

TFT massaging, do it all the time on TFT monitors, it sometimes works. obviously does not work on a plasma.



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Its because there is a nice big plate of glass on the front of a plasma, if you tried massaging it you would probably break some of those cells. If they're stuck and not dead then its normally just a case of running one of those anti-stuck-pixel video's to see if you can coax the screen into sorting the pixel out. To be honest I dont know much about this technology but if the pixel is stuck on then something (the controller most likely) has to be telling the pixel to stay on.

As I said I dont know much about the technology but its worth a try before attempting the hassle of returning/repairing/replacing the display =)

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