Another strange Sky+ problem...


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I had a v1 Sky+ box installed just over a week ago and it's been fantastic up until this evening... Just before the start of the football I got the message 'No satellite being received' initially on my premium channels only and then on all channels... I had a signal, although from day one the two tuners have shown different readings and do seem to fluctuate more than my other Panasonic box which always shows a higher figure and is rock solid..? I switched over to my other box and watched the match, so no problems with the feed from the quad LNB...

After the match I turned the Sky+ back on and it appeared to be working normally although when I checked the Sky+ planner the series linked Grand Designs on CH4 (which should have been recording at the beginning of the match and when the problems started) had vanished although the following weeks episode is still there...

Any ideas..?

I would be very interested to know whether other Sky+ boxes show different and fluctuating readings from the two tuners..?


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Don't know why it happens, but have had it a couple of times.
Work around seems to be, rather than flicking around the channels and getting frustrated, try going in the the "TV Guide" section of the planner, select a channel from that press the select button to go to a channel and for me anyway it seems to clear the problem.

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I have a V1 box and mine has always (2.5 years now) shown a slightly lower strength on signal 2. It does also fluxtuate at times. It has never been an issue so I just ignored it.

I have too had the odd, channels going blank for no reason thing. I had put it down to Sky playing with the satilite. I'd never thought of trying my old box. I'd thought it wouldn't work as the card is tied to the box. It's only happened twice and for about 2-3 minutes so again I just ignored it.

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Originally posted by SimonO

I would be very interested to know whether other Sky+ boxes show different and fluctuating readings from the two tuners..?

My SKY+ has always had different readings from the two tuners amd while they are of the same design there will be variations in performance and there is going to be extra variation introduced by any differences in the LNB performance and the cables performance.
Hooking up my PACE 2200 to one of the SKY+ cables gives different readings again:)
As long as both tuners can maintain a signal in bad weather there is nothing to worry about unless there an extreme difference which point to a faulty LNB or damaged cable.


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Thanks for the replies... Assuming the quad LNB outputs are fairly equal, are the SKy+ v1 tuners generally less sensitive than standard digiboxes (I have a Panasonic TU-DSB50)..? Did I really lose the satellite signal on the Sky+ only, or was it a software glitch in the box..?

The Sky+ shows about 60%ish signal strength/quality where as the Panasonic shows nearer 80%... Should I expect better figures than these (I'm using a 55cm x 65cm dish with a quad Invacom 0.3 LNB)..?

Just really disappointed to have missed Grand Designs, don't suppose anyone taped it..? ;)

I think the idea of Sky+ is fantastic, however if I can't rely on it I may have to think again...

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