Another Stereo in to 5.1 question with linn kit


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Hello, my wife is coming around to thinking that I can take out the fireplace and have a massive wall mounted TV.

The situation, I have my old Linn set up in stereo fitted perfectly on the long wall with Mimic/Kairn/LK85/Keilidh. Diagonally across the room I have a 50 inch corner TV with Denon AVRX2200W driving the original DALI Zensor 1, 5.1 system.

When all centralised on the long wall, how can I make the Keilidhs not only my stereo pair but also my fronts on the 5.1? I should like to keep my stereo source as Mimic/Kairn/LK85/ Keilidh and somehow make my AV source TV/ Denon/ Kairn/ LK85/Keilidh or TV/Denon/LK85/Keilidh or even TV/Denon/ Keilidh with the surrounds/centre/sub being driven by the Denon at all times in 5.1 mode.

What is the best way to make this happen?
Can I do it with minimal degradation to the signal path?

My AV sources are TV/ netflix/amazon/youtube/ internet radio/ pioneer blueray/ raspberry pie to media server with movies and music, some music is 5.1 encoded. My bluray player plays all silver discs including SACD.

The spare Zensor 1 will move to my dining room and hook up to an old TV via a spare Linn Magik integrated amp that only gets used for headphones at the moment. This TV still has stereo line level out.

The LK 85 has one line level input only
Linn Kairn phase inverts the output from the LK85, so speaker wires need to be neg to pos and pos to neg

I am thinking switch box after power ( Denon and LK85) to speaker with amp A and amp B inputs and I switch the phase on the input side of the switch box from the LK85 only?


The Denon amp has no pre-outs so connecting any stereo amp to share the front speakers cannot be done without the use of a speaker switcher. I suggest you look at the excellent Beresford 7220 that will allow for both AV amp and stereo amp to share the same front speakers.

Your problem is going to be your sources. It looks as though most of them are tied into the Denon and the Denon is always going to be the weak link when it comes to stereo music. Your stereo music sources need to by-pass the Denon completely and go directly into the stereo amp.


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