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Hope you don't mind the very simplistic questions. I'm refurbishing and creating a new open living/dining/kitchen area - just like so many others.

My attached diagram is very poor. My questions - is it reasonable to install "invisible" ceiling speakers for rears and kitchen/dining speakers. I currently have a Yamaha DAB radio/CD player with Bose 161 speakers attached and I'd like the kitchen/dining to offer at least similar sound levels.

For the external speakers - are these power washerable? How do people clean external speakers - I normally get a lot of moss?

Should I reuse the Bose 161s as front speakers for the TV? Should I terminate speaker cables at PC or TV. I want to be able to stream music to any speaker set individually i.e. 1.TV area, 2.Kitchen/dining, 3. Outside. I'd also like to be able to watch TV while music playing outside. It would be great to have Kitchen/Dining and outside playing same music but at different volumes.

That is a pretty bid ask I am sure, but has anyone any ideas how I can achieve the majority of my dream list. I'm happy to buy an Amp, but would like to keep to £400-£500. Guess I also need to buy and locate a sub-woofer.

My only other experience with sound is my Yamaha 5.1 sound system and TV in the "good room" and those speakers came with the surround sound system.

Please help this Philistine....:lease:



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Forgot to add this to previous queries,

Can I lay roof insulation directly over the top of ceiling speakers or do they need air to "breathe"? I want to seal the room below, from a heat loss perspective, as much as possible.

FYI I live in a bungalow and am installing new ceiling speakers.

Thanks in advance

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OK lets see what we can do here...

In ceiling rears? Yes do it all the time works well.

Bose 161? I think many inceilings sound better (i put 161 in my parents dining room many years ago....)

Power wash not a good idea on some exteriors, (especially direct at drive units and connections but side of cabinet top ok) spray with hose ok and can wipe cabinet with cleaner if moss an issue (speakers aren't that big)

No don't reuse Bose as fronts put them elsewhere (bedroom, study ebay etc)

Look for an AV amp (use a LCR soundbar for front 3 inceiling rears and sub) for main zone.

£4-500 (not realistic IMO) £4-500 on AVR + £4-500 on 5.1 + £1-200 on each stereo zone minimum (OK i might have high standards but so do my clients)

What yamaha system?

What insulation? Rock wool is fine, celotex tricky, lambs wool is top insulation and fine but not sure if it meets fire regs etc if its heat loss to roof celotex between roof joists and rock wool above ceiling (lights get hot and need to be kept off insulation, we often use steel backed speakers which are 1hr fire rated as its saves hassle both with building regs and they sound really good ( not the cheapest option tho)

More open plan music and TV etc control is key, manual button pushing cheap slick control more expensive no problem to have radio in kitchen, sky on TV (with 5.1 sound) and music in garden at the same time and different volumes just a matter of cost (add £500-£1000 to above ish)

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