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Another soundcard question.. dvd playing and sky+

Discussion in 'Computer Components' started by gregr170, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. gregr170


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    Hi All,

    I appreciate that there already a lot of soundcard posts on this forum, maybe so many that I'm now a little confused.

    My aim is to have the PC as a kind of centralised hub outputting to my projector, displaying tv/dvd's/playing cd's/MP3's etc... Currently I'm using Win2k.. (unsure if that has any bearing)..

    Really I need advice on which soundcard will allow me to do the following..

    Essentially what I want to do is be able to connect my sky+ digital out to the PC and have the computer decode the sound (I think sky currently is DD5.1) and output it over 5/6/7/8(?!!) rca's into discrete inputs on an amplifier stack.

    I also want to be able to take advantage of the PC to decode sound sources from a dvd player such as WinDVD/TheaterTek/PowerDVD and output that sound over the same wires to the same inputs on the amplifier stack..

    A spare digital in would also be nice, but not essential..
    I'm not overly concerned about digital out, as the idea is to use the PC as the decoder, not to feed the signal to an external one..

    The main goal of this is to try and use the PC as a decoder/pre amp for either an integrated power amplifier (like the multichannel rotel) or have a stack of 7 monoblock amps (preferred).

    Having spent a wedge on speakers (and already having a multichannel amp), using the PC as a decoder for tv/dvd would alleviate the need for spending a huge amount of money on a dts/dd amp/reciever when all I really want is the decoding process - I dont have enough money to justify a meridian processor, and am curious as to what a htpc can achieve.. also it would potentially solve the issue of future standards coming out which would involve a further upgrade to the reciever.. I also like the idea of the PC acting as a centralized integrated switching system between sources..

    I've noticed recommendations in particular for the m-audio revolution (unsure if this can handle the digital source input and decoding to analogue?)), the creative audigy 2 (unsure about creatives reputation and whether it can do what I want)...

    Basically I've found myself going round and round in circles on this for the past year, and its time to clear up the lounge and sort something out..

    Any help, recommendations much appreciated as I have myself very confused as to what/if any cards/software can achieve this..


  2. MartinImber

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    Apr 5, 2001
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    Well we have Audigy 2 Platinum and it does DD5.1 and DVD-A decoding, as well as others (dunno about DTS but I think it does)

    Sound quality on DVD-A routed to the 5.1 line in on my amp is very good.

    Haven't used digital in only out, but that is on the front both in/out coax/optical

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