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Having followed ths forum for a while and been lucky enough to be able to attend the "event", I just wanted to go on record to thank Roland publicly.

He left me at lunchtime today with a rather large grin on my face.

My barco 708 data is now supplied, installed and producing stunning images.

My dream began about 4 years ago and was realised today. It's been a long haul, what with planning permission,(and wife permission), building the extension, (not to mention finding the money). But it has all been worth it and more.

Anyway, Roland deserves all the praise he receives on this forum.

Thank you.

p.s. I connected my pc up to the screen tonight and all I get is a rolling image which I presume is the something to do with the refresh rate of the video card? I guess I am not doing something simple correctly.

Can anyone help me?


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You may find it better if you connect the PC to the projector which then projects onto the screen. I could never find the right connections on the screen directly :D

Sorry, couldn't resist it. It is late and the end of a hard week. Have a good weekend movie watching.


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Are you using Powerstrip on your PC? If not, get it. It will allow you adjust every minute aspect of your video card.

Take care though, many projectors don't have protection circutry which would prevent you from overloading the unit with a resolution/refresh setting that is too high. (you don't want to blow up your new toy on the first week!)

You would be well advised to connect a regular computer display to your PC and experiment with powerstrip that way. Then, set up a very basic configuration (800x600, 50Hz) and plug in the Projector instead. Then you can use powerstrip to tweak settings in and around this basic setup.

As you gain in confidence (and work out the black art of bandwidth calculation) you can bump up your settings.

<edited to remove reference to altered powerstrip interface. Stupid me downloaded the wrong utility r:rolleyes: >



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Thanks for the reply. I downloaded powerstrip tonight and tried the initial settings you suggested but still the same problem. Roland is coming back on Tuesday to sort something else out for me so I'll try it with him there on the day.

I'll let you know what I was doing wrong.


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I'm not directly familiar with the 708 but....... ! How are you connecting the PC to the projector, you'll need to connect it to Port 5 (the 5 BNC connectors) at least initially, connecting it tdirectly to Port 3 won't work as the HD15 pin connector on the Barco is not wired the same way as the HD15 pin output from the PC. In other words, if you are using a normal VGA cable to connect up then it won't work - you need a specially wired cable specific to the Barco (HD15 VGA on one end to HD15 pinout Barco style on the other - Roland will have one).

OTOH, if you are connected to Port 5 it may be a negative sync issue - make sure your graphics card is outputting negative sync (- - as opposes to + - ). The control panel for the graphics card should allow you to do this, if not then PowerStrip can do this for you in one of the menus.

Like I said, I'm not sure if the 708 has the same negative sync issues as my 801 but if so, your problem is easily cured once you understand whats going on and how to fix it.

Roland will have the answer if its not the above.


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Thanks for the advice. I am connecting via the VGA cable that Roland made up to take the signal from the iscan pro to the PJ. At the time he said all I needed to do to connect the PC was unplug the cable from the iscan and plug it into my PC.

I'll show Roland this thread when he comes round tomorrow and let everyone know the outcome.

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