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Does anyone know if it's possible to buy a timer controlled room thermostat.

i.e. in winter it can alter the temp so that through the night it's at 12 and then at 6.30 it'll put it to 20

I can't sleep with the heating at 20 all night but don't want the house to get so cold through the winter nights (and yes I'm too lazy to get out of bed at some stupid hour to turn it up)

If no ones ever invented one you all know where you read it first.


What you mean something like this ?

It's also available in non-wireless format, and even has an optional table stand so you can control the heating from your bedside table :thumbsup:

6 switchings per day, 7 days a week. Each timing period can have its own temperature setting.


We have a dratton digistat 3 and it's brilliant. We have the heating set to bepermanently on at the boiler, the thermostat is set to not let the temperature ever drop below 16 degrees C at night and during working hours when we're not around and 20 degrees in the evenings and weekends. If I wanted to I could program an extra heat boost for when we get up :) and at any time you can temporarily overide it to increase or decrease the heat. I wouldn't be without one (or the instruction leaflet if I need to reprogram it!)



Honeywell CM61 & CM67 RF Prog. Room Stat with Optimum Start
Price from £90.65
A Rolls Royce of programmable thermostats :)

The Drayton (not dratton- my typo) was nearer £25, but prices seem to have risen:

Drayton Digistat 3 - 7 day Programmable Stat
7 day programmable thermostat
Built-in standard programme (adjustable)
Up to four daily temperatures
Up to four temperature periods
Displays actual time and room temperature
Heating On indicator
Temporary temperature override
Suitable for zone control and combi boiler systems
Battery powered (supplied)
Selectable low limit: Digistats 2 and 3:16 ¡c Digistat 4:14 ¡c
£48.69 exc. VAT

If you really want 12 degrees overnight note the minimum temperature the digistat 3 will do is 16 degrees C. A way around this is to mount it on the wall adjacent to the airing cupboard so it is approximately 2 degrees out due to the warm wall it is mounted on, which I did in error- hey it's a feature! :)

Programming is a bit incomprehensible without the instructions until you get the hang of it, I lost mine, contacted drayton and they sent me a new set FOC.


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