Another request for help-Canton/Mirage/Kef/& many, many more..?



Greetings from yet another newbie. With what I fear may be a familiar question...(sorry). :eek:

New home cinema setup in progress (1st time). DVD player procured (thank you Nick - Limit 900SE, complete with handling marks - & seems to work fine for the price).

Amp - a bit tba but probably from Yamaha 640/Marantz 5400/Denon 1804 selection. HK an outside choice (don't know the range very well) or maybe even Onkyo? Anyway back to the point of this (hopefully):

Usual 50/50 split between music and cinema. Usual reasons for sub/satellite route as well (existing ageing hifi being relocated to a safe room so still usable elsewhere).

Speaker budget - prob in the 400-850 mark I think. If I can get something great for the 500-600 mark then fine.

List so far:
Canton CD1 (found a supplier, though no demo);
Canton CD2.22 (just in higher price range);
Kef 2002.5 (heard and could fit the bill - no cheap ones round here so long journey may be in prospect)
B&W VM1 (to be demoed)
Mirage Omni Micro (interesting reviews - where do you get them from?);
Celestion AV305;
JM Lab Sib & Cub;
Infinity Oreus.

Safe bet is probably the eggs, the Mirages look interesting, especially with their tolerance of positioning (may be a benefit with layouts still in discussion phase) but maybe risky? Cantons have been mentioned here a few times but again demoing seems nigh on impossible - CD1 on the lower end of the budget, would the 2.22 be worth it??. Oreus again look interesting but demo issues again here. Not going for full on volume/heavy bass - more a balanced sound. Ususlly prefer a warm rounded sound with reasonable detail - don't care for harsh treble at all.

Grateful for your suggestions/feedback on the above - have spent the last month or 2 reading the mags and haunting the forum. Now have to actually go and make some choices (at last)!:confused:
also have a listen to the Monitor Audio Radius series, especially if you are to use the system for music. I listened to the Kefs but wasn't that impressed, can't understand what all the fuss is about. Then again speakers are very subjective.
hi m100

I have a definitive technology pro cinema 80 sub/ sat system for sale these speakers will beat the keff eggs by a mile , they have had many exellent reviews .
They are in exellent condition and look really nice to comes with original boxes with 24 months warranty left.
The sub is 250 watts and is exellent, up to £1000 the def techs
will take on and beat most sub/sat sytems out there.
I am asking £595.00 including p&p , I also have some nice stands for the front 2 speakers if your interested i would throw these in for £ 25.00, have a look on hear for reviews and on google.

I demo'd the Kef Eggs and the B&W VM1's side by side and the VM1's won hands down for me. I felt they had a much fuller sound and they look more stylish too.
I went for Kef 9000's in the end, but beware they are very harmful to your bank balance!
Wilmer - will do some research.

Just demoed the VM1s today as well - agree they sound much better (to my ears at least).

Sadly I understand the dangers of looking at ever more expensive kit. The idea is (if self control allows..) to get a reasonable system and then maybe upgrade the older stereo stuff in the other room (quietly).:eek:

I guess I'm now looking at:
VM1 (with the AS300?);
Monitor Radius (liked the B2 set - though too bulky here);
Infinity Oreus;
Canton CD 2.22.

Back to subjectivity - any other thoughts on this lot??

Amp-wise (sorry, prob the wrong place!) - now considering HK stuff - 5550 going for £630 new, 4500 for £550 - worth considering or better off with the newer models (considering the musical abilities to be honest). Or back to Denon 2803?

Questions, questions...

Grateful for any thoughts from those who've been through this more than I:rolleyes:
FWIW I went for the Denon AVR2803, MA Radius and MJA Ref. 100 combination. It was a close call between the Radius and the VM1's, and I was genuinely impressed with the VM1's but the Radius won largely on appearance - again this is very subjective. Admittedly, the 2803 was the only receiver I considered.
Originally posted by engaged
.....but the Radius won largely on appearance - again this is very subjective.

Must be a matter of taste. I really don't like the look of those things.
Many thanks for your kind suggestions - and on it goes...(though have to make a decision SOON).

(sonofmoth - sorry - should have made myself clearer earlier - have heard the B2's a while back - it's just I haven't heard the Radius package - hopefully next week for the final auditions.

Oreus - can't find any being demoed - found 1 place with them but their room was in bits. Got told they're going up in price by £100 apparently (heard from a few sources so maybe not just a sales pitch?). Assuming they are a little better than the eggs for music I suspect I may still be better off looking at the VM1's?

Also heard some Elacs - with their Cinema Pipe speakers (plus usual satellites/centre/sub) - meant to have similarities to canton CD 2.22 (another one I can't get demos of here, though I can buy!)? Anyway the Elacs didn't do it for me - bit too bright sounding. Anyone heard them against Canton CD2.22 - or any feedback on it? Price is playing a part here - can get for sub £800, as opposed to what I presume is ~1k-ish.

Apart from that it looks like a VM1 based package or the Monitor Radius I guess (small enough, colour input from better half - black is not an option...). Hopefully demo these in a week or so. Which leads onto...
VM1 - is the usual sub OK with it or worth a slight upgrade (i.e. AS1 to AS300??);
Radius - mixture of R180 and R90's - any opinions on their merits (basically looking at 4 x R90's and an R180 or 3 x R180 and the R90's for the surround).
CD 2.22 - still undemoed and likely to remain so - so a bit risky...
Wallmounting for all (except the sub I think):eek:, or the CD2.22's larger units.

Ampwise - would the Marantz 5400/Yamaha 640 struggle a bit here - in which case onto the following?
Denon 2803;
HK 330;
HK 4550/5550

????? (just the last stage of confusion before finelly getting something next week)

Feedback gratefully received. :)
MA Radius has a couple of bigger ones on the way too that look far sexier than the 180's as fronts.
Don't know if you are still looking but Picture Paradise in Lincoln are a Mirage dealer and the Omni Micro's sound amazing (they still have them in their demo room I think). I have had the Mirage AVS Micro's for a couple of years and still love them (although I would upgrade to the Omni Micro's if I had the spare £££).
talizker - sort of still looking - I am interested in the Micros but the odds of hearing any aren't looking too good.

Had decided on the amp/speaker combo - now having lots of second thoughts on the speakers. Amp is almost certainly HK230 (or maybe a reduced 5550).

Speaker-wise the issue is it'll have to be ~50/50 between music and DVD - the amp seems fairly good in stereo for its type so am after speakers that can also do reasonable music.

On the Omni Micros - I've read the reviews and they sound interesting - keen to hear any feedback available on them - esp as they don't require such precise positioning in the room? However getting a demo isn't looking too likely - any experiences on how they deal with music?

So far I've heard the Kef 1005 and 2005.2 - didn't quite do it for me with music - VM1s seemed to work better for that. Also heard Mission FS1 yesterday - again not quite to my taste (such as it is). :eek:

At the moment it's looking like something from the following:
VM1 (poss with a different sub) - prob the sound I like best so far - but maybe a tad bulky.
Monitor Radius (R90/R180 mix tba) - possibility and demoed well;
Omni Micros - demo issues - still interested though - OK with music?
Castle Compact (demo in a week or so maybe as they are available in silver...?) - similar price to the Radius above I think;
Def Tech Pro Cinema 80 (only in white though...);
Sib & Cub (demo also unlikely) - again maybe something a little different - comparable to VM1 sound??

Can also get Jamo stuff with something off but don't know the range - suspect this option isn't looking so likely - unless anyone has good reports of them?

They all have possibilities - but have to make a final decision so I can actually get something installed and working - ideally by next Fri...:eek:

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