Another Quest for a 37" LCD


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I'm about to buy a 37" Lcd.

My room is long and narrow and the tv will be in the corner so I cannot go any bigger than 37" , - ruling out the Sony 40" v series and 32" is too small as viewing will be 7ft to 13ft. If it was just for me I would buy the Panny 37PX60 plasma, but my kids will probably kill it. You can't tell a 2 and 6 year old to be careful with static images, zoom image to remove logos or thats its dark for 200 hours.

The Tosh 37WLT66 is probably the safe bet, but I'm tempted to take a chance on the Sharp 37GD9E. There are no reviews and very little info on it here. Sharp used to make very good lcd's but people on here have been disappointed over the last few years with their offerings. The panel has good specs and an impressive 6ms response time. I realise it won't do 1:1 pixel mapping but thats not important to me and component connection could be compromised by using the vga port.

I have looked at Philips, LG and Samsung - which whilst they all have their merits overall package doesn't seem as good as the Toshiba. There are also some new JVC sets but I'm struggling to find information.

My budget is about £1200, screen will be used for HD & SD Sky and DVD.

Can anyone offer any advice or comment ?



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for your budget the Toshiba is the best bet.

The sharp scored very poorly in a 37" LCD super test, which the Toshiba 37" won!

In my opion the sharps seem to suffer badily from monition blur, they need to pay catchup as their LCDs are now also rans IMHO

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