Another query re HDMI and SCART connections


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I initially connected my DVD/HDD recorder to the Sky HD box via SCART, and just the HDMI from the Sky box to the TV.

However when I try to use the DVD/HDD the Sky box does no transmit this to the TV (on my old Sky+ box - the Sky box would transmit the DVD to the TV over Sky if it received a signal).

If I connect a SCART lead from the Sky box to the TV as well as the HDMI it does work but the TV switches to the SCART input. However if seems that Sky reverts to the SCART connection over the HDMI and I have to either keep manually changing the source on the TV or remove the SCART cable from the TV when not using the DVD/HDD.

Anyone experienced similar - have a solution? I am getting a Denon 2807 soon and will plug everything into that and then have one HDMI cable to the TV - will this solve the problem i.e. the AMP auto-switches or will it still be a manual change?

TV is currently a Samsung LCD, but about to get a Sony Bravia W2000 delivered. Will that make any difference? Could also swap the DVD/HDD from my current Panasonic to the 'free' Sony provided with the TV if it helps.

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