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Another PV500 buzz thread (Only had it a day)


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Only had my 42PV500 a day and the electrical buzzing is driving me crazy already. You can hear it from abot 15ft away over the volume of the tv and my laptop as its quite high pitched.

My 37" model was whisper quiet.

I've got JL sending out an engineer next friday morning (he is bringing a replacement, just in case he agrees it is a fault).

As I work for JL, I know how hard it can be to get engineers to agree that items should be replaced and was wondering if anyone has any tips

:lease: :( :lease:


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Had to cancel the engineer as i ended up stuck in malaga until yesterday afternoon (should have been back in the early hours of yesterday morning).

Thankfully, managed to find out my flight was cancelled in time to get in touch with JL service desk late Thursday and have rearranged for Monday afternoon.


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make sure you have some material ready which will make the noise more prevalent, ie white screen stuff, you can also turn the brightness and contrast up. Sky sports news is quite good lots of white.

I had one of the drive units replaced and that made mine quieter, it also reduced with age, although perhaps that is a case of getting used to the buzz.


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I never got the buzzing, just a quiet hum, the whistling is a tad more annoying though but when you have tinnitus you learn to ignore that :)


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DDC Max.

The whistling that you mentioned may be an easily rectifiable fault.

I have a 37PV500. I can't comment on the fan noise, which I'm sure some people are either more prone too, or some sets generate more of.

When I was looking for my TV and chose the Panny (in October) I read a lot on these threads, and was concerned about the fan noise issue. However, my dealer allowed me to loan a set. It struck me that I would only be able to hear the fan if I sat behind the set.

However, just after I'd taken delivery of a new set after I decided to buy it developed a high pitched whine or whistle. This was quite loud, not volume or programme content dependant and came from the right hand side of the TV.

Panasonic's engineer identified it as a faulty sound board, replaced it and I the whistle disappeared.

I note there is much excitement about the PV600 range, which I presume makes our version as obsolete as my old 405 line b/w Pye tv.

However I note the 42" gets a good review in this months Hi Fi News, and the reviewer (Martin Colloms) prints what he considers the optimum settings for picture quality.


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