Another please advise with ear/headphones thread.


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I have been scouring the internet and I feel I may go a little mad. I can't really go and check many earphones out as I have a toddler who will make the task extremely difficult. (although she is lovely :D) But if given a shortlist and some expert advise and opinion I could maybe take an afternoon and dedicate it to getting some much needed earphones.

So since I've read quite a few of the threads on here I wondered if I could start one too...


Budget - Approx £100 ideally under!

Some info - I know sennheiser are amazing but I simple CANNOT deal with the one long cable and one short situation. :( Also, I've heard lots of good things about Klipsch but also that they are not sturdy. I need sturdy. VERY sturdy please. I will take care of them but occasionally I may whip them off and roughly tangle them up as I rush of to do something important. Like save old ladies from burning building. Or toast from burning toasters.

Music I like/love - I quite like a bit of hip hop and I would like something which was quite powerful on the bass side. Having said that my main music genre would be old rock or acoustic (loving the black keys right now). I also dabble in a bit of classical and opera but not as much. I tried the Bose QC (3? 15? Who knows?) in an apple store about 6 months ago and was blown away. But I can't afford them. Even if I saved up I'd probably step on them or get run over which would mean my poor toddler would be £300 short on some inheritance. Basically, I would like an amazing rich range of sound, a treble that doesn't get too scary and tinny but something that has a heavier than normal bass without getting all distorty. Ideally. I realise my budget may not permit so much.

And lastly, I would PREFER some in ear phones but I have small ear canals (i need kid size ear plugs, yes I am a freak, especially at 5'9 and with man hands and huge feet) so if some over the ear or on ear or whatever (I don't know the differences *hides*) are an amazing option which will open up led zepplin, or nina simone or missy elliot in ways I cannot imagine (at my budget) then please let me know!

Sorry to go on. Please help me. Before I get picked up for babbling random brands and numbers by the side of some road somewhere.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Don't really want to revive a dead thread, but perhaps better than making a new one? I saw this topic and OP's reuest was exactly the same as mine. Cept for the ear size part - I realise some come with different shaped and sized buds anyway.

Oh and I listen to a lot of dubstep, dnb and metal too.

Same budget, no itchy trigger finger, want as much feedback as poss :)

Daddy k

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I just got some b&w c5s

They sound very bassy


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I am the OP and i just wanted to say i ended up getting the sennheiser PX200 II. Which i got for about £45 from somewhere online. And i really really like them. They're not in ear though. I really love the sound and feel they are amazing for under £50. There isn't a very heavy bass on them but if you can find a shop to try them out in well worth a look. Or hear. I did try before I bought but the shop was offering them for £65. Even £55 i would have done to have them immediately but not an extra £20.

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