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Another plasterboard question!!!


Standard Member
Sorry to do this but have a quick question re mounting a tv on plasterboard.

I am looking to put up a 23" samsung (weighs about 8kgs) on to plasterboard. The studs are not in the middle of the wall (where i want the tv), so was hoping to attach the tv to the plasterboard only. the plasterboard seems relatively sturdy. So my questions are:

1. can the wall take this? (doesnt seem like a heavy load to take - though i have no experience!).
2. which fixings are best to use?
3. which bracket is best to use? (would prefer small discrete one, with just 2 fixings or so)
4. is it possible to use a cantilever bracket? or is this not recommended given the extra leverage certainly be great for the wall to take?

your responses (time and knowledge) are appreciated!

cheers all


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no no no no no!!!! never ever fix a tv backet to just the slab-its crazy!!! your best bet is to put in grounds. locate exactly where the bracket is to be fixed to the wall. then get some timber and fix it good and sturdy between the existing studs. u can then put up ur plasterboard slab and then fix the bracket through the slab and into the timber.


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i know this mean a bit of construction and destruction but personally thats what i would do. plasterboard has a poor grip cause its only 12 mm thick so half the screw is fixed to air and more often or not they loosen over time. (i put up plasterboard for a living)


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I do agree with the above comments, but you have to bare in mind that the lcd in question is only a 23inch and only weighs about 8kg, so of course the plasterboard wall will be strong enough for a flush fit bracket if installed correctly :smashin:

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