Another Photo Competition thread


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Let's get those photo's in people - remember the more photos there are, the less likely it is that Steve will get his first vote...!!!

Don't forget, the topic this month is GLASS so for those of you that haven't entered yet there's no excuse not to get a photo in as there's GLASS everywhere!!!

mr jones

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Johndm said:
Sorry chaps.............. I've not had time to enter this month...too busy decorating, new carpets and sueing furnature stores....(see general chat)
But at least the AV system got stripped, dusted and re assembled with no problems...

ive not entered this month, its been a bit hecktic, and glass doesnt actually provoke much thought for me


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i have not entered as ive sold my camera and have not got another one yet. Feeling very lonely without it :(

Back next month hopefully :)

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