Another Panasonic "auto" aspect question!




Nice set except:

Buzz / Hiss when screen is light or bright - fixed by supplier under an "approved Panasonic upgrade". Surely Panasonic need to upgrade them before they leave the factory???

The blinking "Auto" aspect detection is rubbish! Is there a definitive answer to cure the switching between "just" and "16:9". I end up watching DVD's in 14:9 so there's a mass of black around the picture just to avoid the switching.

HELP! :lease:




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I don't have the same set but my Panny is very sensitive to dark scenes which means that the auto adjust can drive me mad in programmes which switch from light to dark scenes throughout. The only answer in such cases is, I am afraid, to switch to 16:9 and live with the borders.


I have a PD50. I don't use auto aspect. I use 4:3 aspect ratio and allow the set to automatically switch to widescreen when it receives a widescreen signal. As I view digital broadcasts (Freeview via a Sony 800U) the majority of broadcasts are widescreen. Those that are not revert back to 4:3. This means I view broadcast in their correct ratio without any distortions of width or height. In this set up the TV has yet to display the problems you are describing.


I realise the original post is almost a year old now but I have a TX28PM11 which has demostrated quite a noticable buzz from new, it is obvious when the sounds is muted and can be annoying when the sound is at low levels.

Is this fixed by the upgrade referrd to in this thread? Is there a name or any further details on the upgrade. I have called a few panasonic service agents in the SW London area and they would not admit to being aware of the problem or the fix. Similarly, I have contacted Panasonic UK who, after over two months to get a reply would not confirm a problem nor whether an upgrade would cure the problem.




A buzzing TV can be caused by any number of different coils within most TVs, even plasma.
If you feel it is too loud to be bearable then get it fixed, many TVs can make a noise, the bigger the TV the louder/more likely the buzz.


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