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Another one of those rubbish room setups


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Help - my lounge is an odd shape.
Lounge Setup.JPG
I am trying to get the best possible setup for my home cinema equipment in my new lounge. Firstly I'll detail the constraints.

The fire place is real and not moving. There is no room above for the TV to go, so this is out.

Opposite the fire place is a wall and yes the TV could go there but then a sofa would be in front of the fire place, so no can do.

To the left of the room is a little cubby place, but that would mean the sofas would be in front of the fire place cutting off the room.

The drawing above is the only layout i can think off. With enough soft furnishings and curtains etc, would the sound be bouncing around the room or would this be ok?

The rest of the living room will be populated with various seating etc, so occupants may not get the best view of the telly, however if I specify a nice 65 inch one, perhaps they could see enough?

Do any of you guys have any fancy options which are worth considering?

Thanks Matt


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That would appear to be your best option to be honest. For the surround speakers it may be better to look at some bipole/dipole speakers to give you a more diffused sound in the limited space you have. I would stick with a 5.1 system as well.


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Personally I think I'd box in the cubby hole space to the left (making it flush) and wall mount the TV to it. Have the SOFA facing it located to the right of the fireplace but not directly in front of the patio doors.

With some carpentry you could even create built-in shelving utilising the depth of the cubby-hole space in which you could house the AV equipment.

This would give ideal positioning for a 7.1 system with adequate space behind the sofa to properly position the rears.

The layout that you have proposed basically has you living in 1/2 the room whereas if you turn everything anti-clockwise 90 degrees you open up the whole of the room and everything will feel a lot more spacious.

I know that it is a bit of a radical suggestion but it would work well.


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Agree with Ghostrider,
It could look something like this:

Lounge Setup copy.jpg


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Thanks guys - I love the idea above, but i think its going to be too radical for the wife. The living room is 5mx7.5m, which means the wife has all sorts of wild ideas with furniture setup etc...

I'll propose it later tonight and time how quickly it takes her to shoot me down lol :-(

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