Another offer from Sky?


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Hey all,

Just got a letter through the post from sky telling me about their latest offer for sky+. I only just picked it up ..

sky+ box = 199.00 (usually 300)
sky+ sub = FREE (usually 10 pounds per month)
Standard installation = 60.00

This is the first time Ive seen the sub for FREE. At the moment I pay 40quid for my full sky package .. will this now mean I can have sky+ and my normal package upstairs for 40quid, or as usual will their be hidden extras ?




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I would expect there was some sort of restriction or condition associated with not having to pay the £10 SKY subscription.

Normally it would be to pay the £15 a month for a "mirror" card when you buy SKY+ and have the existing digibox relocated so depending how you look at it you get the SKY+ sub free or a £10 discount on the "mirror" sub.

Now if SKY dropped the SKY+ sub I would upgrade my subscription back to SKY World and SKY would make more money from me, but alas there are too many subscribers that can easily pay for both so it ain't gonna happen:)


Just rang Sky and this is what I was told:

Sky+ £199
Installation £60 - This includes relocating the original digi box to another room and istallation of Sky+, then you will be charged £15 on top of your normal package for the mirror subscription, there is not the £10 charge for Sky+ subscription. :)

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This is the deal thats been going on for a while.

The Mirror sub is usually £12, so getting Sky+ for an extra £3 works out OK IMHO.


had sky+ 3 months & worth every penny.:D


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ah yes, convincing she who must be obeyed is always a problem. If it's any help here's a direct quote from my good lady....

"I don't see the point of that surround sound stuff and all those dammed speakers, but this Sky + is the BEST thing you've ever bought"

Do it, do it now !

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