Another odd question re. AV32R


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I assume I can use the AV32R's tape out to run into an input on an integrated (valve) amp.
My system's going through a complete upheaval, and I'm thinking of going valve, but am stuck in that my "CD player" is the DVD32R and it needs a DAC. The obvious one is in the AV32R I already have, but only if by using the tape out, I can just use it as a DAC rather than a pre-amp.
Overkill, I know, and only temporary, as I would eventually replace theAV32R with a stand alone DAC, even though that will mean losing the TAG T2L link.

Supplementary question: anyone know of a good DAC to partner the DVD32R? Chord?
Thanks in advance!


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it's a fixed line level output at the same level as a 'normal' source output, so it will work fine.

I agree with Bushy though - although I have no direct experience myself I gather from what everyone else says about dvd32r+av32r+tag link that you won't get better than this (even if the av32r is being used as a dac only).


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Couldn't you "just" get a standalone DAC with clock output (or a DAC with clock input and a separate master clock) to get the same results as with T2L? Of course it will be costly, but this could be an upgrade-path you could think about when wanting to remove the AV32 but retain the T2L functionability.

Unless of course due to some quirk the clock input of the DVD32 only works with a TAG clock-input, in which case this post has been quite useless...

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