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    After reading all the magazines I have now come across this website which appears to have some knowledgeable people. I am 51 yrs old with a wonderful family and have built up years of family VHS tapes and dv tapes. To put it simply I'm baffled! I want to transfer these family tapes to DVD and link my digital camera to a dvd recorder. We have Sky, though apparantly it only receives music and kids programmes, and my wife would like to record from the TV so I suppose a HDD would be best.

    I suppose an excellent editing facility would be a must as my old tapes contain a lot of rubbish!

    I was thinking about a Sony RDR-HX900 but this seems to be getting mixed reviews and as it is a lot of money I don't want to get something I don't really need. I thought about a combi VHS/DVD but not sure how good they are.

    Please let me have your suggestions. Quite happy for anyone to email me direct. Thanks in anticipation.
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    Given your requirements you should indeed look at a HDD/DVDR combo machine. The models that best meet your requirements are:
    - Toshiba RDXS32
    - Panasonic E95
    - Pioneer 520
    All three will make do an excellent job for archiving from VHS, recording from Sky and editting DV footage.

    Out of those the Toshiba offers the best price/features/performance compromise. It allows you tweak almost every option related to your recordings and the DVD menus. The only thing against it is that it is quite a complex machine: perhaps not in the basic functioning but as you start to get into the options it does get more difficult. Nevertheless if your confident with technology then the Toshiba is an ideal first choice. It is also worth noting the Toshiba has a magic wand for controlling your Sky box.

    The Panasonic is an excellent machine and the easiest to use of all three. However it is also somewhat dearer than the others (the cheap model doesn't have iLink) so you may want to discount it. If you do opt for it though it has the best DVD recording quality of all three recorders.

    The Pioneer sits between the two: not quite as many features as the Toshiba but more complex than the Panasonic. If you want something between the all powerful Toshiba and the user-friendly Panasonic then this is it.

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