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I am about to replace my VCR with a Panasonic DMR E100HEBS, this has a 80gig HDD, it can record DVD Ram and DVD-R.

I understand the principal of how a VCR works, but when it comes to digital, I confess to being at a loss trying to understand the difference between MPEG2, MPEG4, SD Cards and a lot of it's other features.

I am not stupid and will learn, (eventually). Now I have a need to, and I will.

There is one question though which is bothering me, it has arisen from reading some of the posts on here, and it is whether or not I will be recording a Digital or Analogue signal from my Sky receiver, if I connect it to my nice new toy, using a scart connection.

I already know that I can record a Digital signal from my DVB Tele, but I am not sure what the position is with the SKY box.

Any help would be appreciated, but please not too technical at this stage of my learning curve.

I would also like to know if it's possible to replace the existing HDD with a bigger one, by just a straight swop. Or is it much more complicated than that.


Your Sky box may receive a digital signal, but your TV, VCR etc are all analogue so the signal output from the Sky box is analogue. AFAIK there are no digital (Video) outputs on any Sky boxes, but many do have a digital audio output. I am also unaware of any boxes that can use a digital link via scart.


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My TV is a DVB TV and therefore has a digital tuner built in, I accept that my VCR would be analogue. This begs the question, does anyone know of any plans to produce SKY boxes with digital outputs as more and more TVs are able to accept digital inputs.

I assume the outputs from my current DVD player are digital, and that the signal from my nice new toy will be as well, or am I completely wrong about that.

I have so much to learn about digital, and all replies will be very appreciated.:smashin:


Actally there are hardly any TV's that accept digital inputs, a few plasmas and projectors is it. All video unless HDMI or DVI is analogue, including your DVD and any recording device you may have. They will RECORD in digital format, but inputs and outputs are all analogue, except for audio.

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