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I have searched through the guides on this site, and done a goodly amount of searching on the forums. I would be interested in the weight of opinion on the following :-
do I go for the Tannoys FX5.1 at HifiBitz for <£150,
Mission FS1AV 5.1 setup for £280
Mission FS1AV 6.1 setup for £340

The Tannoys would appear to be 'proper'-speakers, whereas the Missions 'look' the business. Y/N ?

I stepped my toe in the water a few days ago with a pair of ARC NXT flat panels for my computer (£30 on ebay for the 2.1 setup). After a few scary moments when first switched on (the flat-panels , were all muffled and distorted, so I switched off and on again, as you do, which seemed to sort them out), and my confidence in these 'flat-panels' has been generally enhanced. I presume that Mission, having more of a name than ARC, would have improved the offering even more... ?

With regards to an Amp,
The Missions have the active-amp in the Sub-Woofer- I presume that I do I still need an another amplifier to put in before this ?
What would happen if , for a laugh, I tried to wire my sub-woofer directly onto the audio output channels from the DVD - if such a thing is possible .... i.e. I received the speakers before the Amp. I presume it would all be just a bit quiet , or would it be silent. Or would it just be a BANG :) ?

Also I have just gotten a Philips recordable DVD, which would appear to have DTS encoding, or rather decoding - should this affect my choice of Amp, or do they all handle pretty much the same formats/encoding these days, just the quality being different ? (I must confess that I have, up to now, been concentrating mainly of the speakers)

While I am here - is an optical out a better connectivity option, or does it just contain the video stream (I don't think my DVD has one, but I don't have it in front of me, and anyway, I would be interested in knowing the answer)?
I presume I would definitely need an Amp for the Tannoys, if only cos it would be wired up differently - i.e. all the surround-speakers would have to come from the Amp - right ? Y/N ?, and I'd also have to set the Crossover frequency ? Y/N ?
The Missions would certainly appear to be a load easier to setup Y/N ?
I have also seen reference to the impedance of the speakers , which is generally 4-8 Ohms - I presume it is important to get an Amp which matches this value - one or two have a value of 6 Ohms, are Amps switchable at all ? Y/N ?

The use is mainly for film - eventually I aim to get a projector, but am building up from just the TV (+TIVO of course :smashin: ) , just now.

Lots of questions , I know, but please answers/comments/opinions/experiences/gestures? to any would be appreciated.

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