Another new mac convert + iphoto questions?


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Hi all in july i bought my first mac..a macbook 2.16. love it keep finding things that i prefer over pc everytime i use it. i bought it mainly for my underwater photography hobby as its portable.

anyways recently moved all of my mail accounts over to .mac and never looked back, this obviously means that i can access all of my folders on any machine with an internet connection rather than using local .pst files.

what this meant in a long winded way was that my nice shiney 17" Vaio AR21s is pretty much redundant...with the exception of the fact i use it as a tv in my office via skyhd RF2 outputs.

yesterday i went shopping with my wife at west quays and popped into the apple lovely place could have spent a fortune(and did) 30 mins later i found myself walking out with a 24" imac, 2gb ram upgrade,BT mighty mouse and a tvmicro express tv tuner..

i have now completely made the change over to mac and not looking back but i do have a couple of niggles...

in the old pc land i used to use many digital photo librarys that when you deleted a photo from the library it would either prompt you to delete from disk or just do it, i cannot get iphoto to do this? am i doing something wrong? i have over 30gb of photos and would like to organise them into folders (as my whole house is rigged for media center) and when i delete actually remove them from the HDD? please can someone give me some advise or point me in the direction of an app that will allow me to do so..

Thanks in advance

(lovin' my macs)


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Andy - glad you like your new acquisition !!

iPhoto has it's own trash can that you have to empty !! ... when you delete a pic it moves it from the library into 'iphoto trash' rather than the system trash so it is still on your HD ... empty your iphoto trash can and you will then reclaim your disk space ...



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Iphoto has a separate trash on the left hand bar. Go to empty trash there.


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wow cheers guys are you saying that when i remove a photo and it goes to the iphoto trash if i empty that trash it removes it from the HDD? is this something i have to enable? as i dont think mine is working that way :(

:) still loving it though.


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just to confirm, i have just imported a folder of pictures into iphoto then deleted them, unfortunately they are still on the HDD??? what am i doing wrong?

Thanks again


richard plumb

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there are a few things to get your head around, I went through something similar.

First, importing photos from a folder. There are two options here. The first (and I think default) is that iPhoto *copies* the photos from the folder into its own library file. The originals will be left where they are. There is a setting in the preferences where you can disable this. If you do that, then iPhoto will just reference the originals. Choose whichever you prefer.

I leave my original photos on an external HDD, then copy them to iphoto.

Second, deleting. This confused me too. Eg i imported 100 photos from my son's birthday party, straight from the camera. First thing I did was go through and delete 2/3 of them (duplicates, blurry etc). Then I tidied up the others by editing etc.

but when I checked the library, it was huge. As mentioned by others, turns out the photos aren't deleted, just moved to iPhoto trash. Its on the left under sources I think. Empty that (right click or from the menu) and they'll be properly deleted.


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thanks richard, ive found that setting and will give that a try in a mo,

my only concern is that i use a shared drive on my mediacenter to host all of my movies,photos,music etc and i would like to sync my changes that i make on my macs back to that ie.deletes.

i cant imagine that a mac cannot do this, just maybe iphoto isn't the right tool :(

ive just downloaded a trial of photoexpress2 from apple as it looks like this may help.

thanks for your help


richard plumb

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iPhoto keeps all changes within its library. Even if you only reference the original photos, changes/edits will be kept in iPhoto (at least I think so)

You can of course export photos from iPhoto onto your shared drive. That will then copy the most recent versions to wherever you want. you can do that to individual events or albums so its fairly flexible.

it does seem a little odd if you're used to other ways of doing things, and it doesn't fit perfectly if you have/need shared access to the photos.

Personally I'm going to give it a try. I like the way iPhoto organises stuff (way simpler to use than photoshop elements/album/bridge IMO). I bought photoshop elements to use for the editing part, and that integrates to iPhoto quite nicely.

I also want backups, so my workflow will probably be:

1) import photos from camera into iPhoto
2) quick browse and cull bad photos
3) Export originals to external drive for backup
3) empty iPhoto trash :)
4) edit remaining photos as needed.
5) export final edited images to external Hard drive for backup. (I like to keep both just in case)


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I totally agree with you richard and im also going to give it a try as i really like the integration with .mac and publishing my photos really couldn't be made simpler.

"Today I be mostly organizing over 30GB of digital photos" ;)

Thanks again for your help.


richard plumb

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no probs. If you have your photos in folders then it should be simple enough, as iPhoto will create an event per folder which pleasantly surprised me.


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hey richard just to let you know, sorted! i didnt copy the folders locally and just allowed iphoto to import them,edited them,idisk'd them then exported!!

jobs a carrot ;)

Thanks again for your input!

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